24 November 2010

This Secret Agent Has Moved!

Hi, Everyone!

The Secret Agent L Project has moved!  Please visit www.secretagentl.com and update your RSS feeds accordingly.

Thank you!

16 November 2010

MISSION: Up, Up, Upgrade and Away!

Hello, Friends!

Just a little heads-up that I'm going to be making some upgrades to my site and it may be down for a couple of days.  Rest assured, it'll be back up by the end of the week!  

What kinds of upgrades, you ask?  I'm a secret agent.  I can't tell you.  *wink*

Secret Agent L

15 November 2010

MISSION: Sweet Satisfaction for Students

I often think about students.  Since I work at a university, and I'm a former graduate student, my world is mostly made up of students, academics, studying, and, of course, stress.  I love Affiliated Agents M and S of Virginia for thinking of their fellow students and how kindness might brighten their day and help east their stress.

Date: Friday, 12 November 2010

Location: James Branch Cabell Library; Virginia Commonwealth University

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Let's hear about their first mission!

Hi there,

We were finally able to find time to go out on a mission. We were so excited! Since we love Halloween around here, we wanted to extend the holiday a little bit. We decided to make up a sweet treat and leave it in the library of the nearby university. Our hope is that some overtired student might find it during a long night of studying!

We put the package together in the office - lots of candy and a note assuring the recipient that this package is for him/her :).

And then we marched over to the library to find the perfect spot to leave the gift. It was hard to find a place! The library was so busy and packed with students. But we found the perfect spot on the third floor on one of the bookshelves.

We had so much fun putting this little mission together and actually doing it. We can't wait to do it again!

Affiliated Agents M and S, you rock!  Thanks for thinking of the hard-working students in your community.  And, I couldn't help but notice, thanks for using Pittsburgh Steelers colors in your package!  :)

14 November 2010

MISSION: Secret Agent L Strikes Again

It's been what seems like forever since I've completed a mission.  I've been so busy keeping up with the administrative side of this project--answering emails, posting missions completed by my amazing Affiliated Agents, etc.--as well as trying to keep up with my day job, that I haven't really been able to make the time to go be Secret Agent L! 

But yesterday was World Kindness Day, and I was determined not to let the day go by without participating in an act of kindness...secret agent-style, of course.

Date: Saturday, 13 November 2010

Location: Hillman Library benches; University of Pittsburgh; Pittsburgh, PA

Time: 4:18 p.m.

My mission was simple: gather up some little gifts and leave them for someone to find on World Kindness Day.  Those little gifts included:

A pre-stamped thank-you post card, ready for the finder to use to say thanks to someone in his or her life...

...and a pad of kindness Post-Its {because we always need them, right?}, a Be Kind No Exceptions magnet, and a $5 Starbucks gift card.

I jotted down a little note for the finder, so that he or she would understand why I left my gifts and what they were.

I packaged it all together with a pretty bow...

...headed on over to the Oakland neighborhood, where the University of Pittsburgh and its library are...

...found a bench outside, and placed my little gesture of kindness on it for someone to find.

*high five*

Happy World Kindness Day, everyone.  But shouldn't every day be filled with kindness?

13 November 2010

MISSION: Middle School Magic

I remember middle school as being a time of turmoil for me.  I'd moved around a lot due to my dad's job in the steel industry, and my middle school years were split between two states--which meant, two separate schools and two separate attempts at making friends and finding my place.  To top it off, I was really tall for my age and very lanky.  Needless to say, I got made fun of daily. 

Scratch that.  Hourly.

How I would have loved to stumble upon one of Secret Agent Eagle's acts of kindness!  I imagine I would have cried less tears during my middle school years.  Thank you, Secret Agent Eagle, for your kindness, especially in the often tumultuous world of All Things Middle School.

Date: Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Location: a middle school; Pittsburgh, PA

Time: lunch time

Secret Agent Eagle tells us about her first mission:

As a staff, we had been discussing ways to improve the school climate and I thought starting a Secret Agent project would be perfect.  Wednesday was the beginning of the new grading quarter at school and seemed to be the right time to carry out this mission.  I found Quotable magnets at the Market District in Robinson- two that could be geared towards a student and one for a teacher.  I also purchased simple blank note cards for the packaging.

I chose the name "Secret Agent Eagle" because our school's mascot is the eagle.  As you can hopefully see on the cards, I tried to write positive, uplifting messages that would hopefully brighten up someone's day.  I inserted a Quotable magnet, attached the SAL business card (not shown), and headed to school to find places to leave them.

As I'm sure you can imagine, there are always kids in the halls, so I wasn't able to get a picture of my drop points- I almost got caught!  I left the teacher note in a faculty restroom near the main lobby.  I then placed one of the student notes in a restroom on the third floor and the other was left on a windowsill between the first and second floors.  I haven't heard anything about them being found, but I'm hoping to continue doing more missions and possibly getting other Secret Agent Eagles involved! 

Thank you, Secret Agent Eagle, for your kindness and your creativity.  Your school is so blessed to have you!  Perhaps the Secret Agent Eagle project will catch on and your school will be overflowing with acts of kindness!  Keep us posted!

11 November 2010

MISSION: Triple the Kindness

September 17 is a special day.  It's my dad's birthday.  My dad is one of the greatest loves of my life, so September 17 is a day I like to celebrate.  It's also the day that Affiliated Agent K of San Francisco decided to complete three missions of kindness. 

It's like she knew it was my dad's birthday.

Date: Friday, 17 September 2010

Location: various; San Francisco, CA

Time: throughout the day

I love butterflies; I think they’re beautiful and cheery little fellows.  I collect anything and everything with butterflies.  So I knew whatever I decided to do for my first mission, butterflies had to be a part of it.  Awhile back, I had found these adorable butterfly print gift bags that had matching note cards, and I knew they would be perfect for this. 

The hardest part, for me, was deciding on what to put in the gift bag.  I am not a very artistic/creative type person at all, so I decided to think about things that brighten my day or inspire me.  Other than butterflies, I’m a big quote lover, so I was completely stoked when I came across these little pads called InspireNotes

These little note pads are not only eco-friendly and practical, but they have these great little quotes on them too.  I wasn’t completely sure what to write in the card, but I decided on a quote by Scott Adams which I hope inspires the receiver to continue my ripple.  I also incorporated two of the quotes from the pad, these two quotes are to remind the receiver that the world is filled with beauty and that you have to savor life’s moments…two things which are easy to forget in this frenzied, go-go world. 

So I put together everything and had three little bags ready to go.  I decided that September 17th was going to be my mission day.

Today was a perfect mission day; I had to drive my boss to a car rental agency to pick-up a car.  It was a two hour adventure to drive 11 miles, pick up a car, and drive 11 miles back to work.  The line was long and everyone was cranky, so I decided to leave one of the three bags somewhere around this car rental place.  It was almost 1pm as we walked to the parking garage; I noticed a bench, so I quickly placed the bag on the bench, snapped a quick picture and continued on my way.  My boss was like, “What did you just do?” And I said, “I left a gift.” No explanation was asked for or given; it was great the way she just rolled with it.

I left the second bag in my doctor’s waiting room; I thought it could cheer someone up, no one really likes going to the doctors.   However, I left the bag at 4pm (on a Friday) and when I left the office at 5pm it was still there…so I wonder if anyone found it. 

My third bag couldn’t have been placed better.  I was at Castro and 17th Street. There’s a bench right outside of a pizza place. I sat down and waited for a calm moment (it was 5pm and people were getting off of work).  A bus came, red lights hit, the sidewalk cleared, so I quickly stood, snapped a picture and walked away.  I walked a couple of businesses up the street to where the bus stop was and waited for my bus, I saw an older woman go and sit at the bench opposite of the one I had been at (there are two benches flanking the door to the pizza place).   A bunch of people were walking by, the woman was sitting at the second bench and nobody made a play for this bright, colorful gift bag.  Finally a bus came, two tourist women got off and walked toward my bench, they looked at the bag, chatted with the older woman and gave her the bag and walked away.  The older woman was sitting with her back to me, so I have no idea what happened next, I just hopped on my bus and came home. 

It was exciting to plan and implement but I realized I’d never make a great real-life Secret Agent.   I has fun and I hope that every time they use this little pad, they remember the day they got it and it brings a smile to their face.

10 November 2010

MISSION: Covert Ops. With Mini Agents.

There are no words, other than this mission cracks me up.

Brilliant narrative, Affiliated Agent DS.  Brilliant.  Way to bring the family into the experience.  *high five*

Date: Thursday, 30 September 2010

Location: family restroom; Target; Harmar Township, PA

Time: 6:00 p.m.

Affiliated Agent DS (and troops) report in:

Date: Sept. 30, 2010
Time: 6 p.m.
Location: Harmar Target
Agents: Affiliate Agent DS, Mini Agent HS (age 7), Mini Agent AS (age 3)

Agents acquired $5 gift card, which was left on the changing table in the family restroom. To remain covert, Mini Agent AS, currently "potty training" as part of her cover, needed to use the restroom. Photographic evidence of the completed mission is attached (all evidence of Mini Agent AS's cover have been destroyed). I am pleased to report Mini Agents followed protocol and did not release top secret information to civilians and we left the scene unnoticed.

Mini Agent HS decided future missions will be to leave a $20 gift card in someone's mailbox and to buy a Hot Wheels car and tracks. Affiliate Agent DS will take these missions into consideration and report future activity.

Signing off,

Affiliate Agent DS