29 July 2009

Mission: Necklace

Location: Shadyside. Market District Giant Eagle. Ladies' Restroom.

Date: Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Time: 7:41 p.m.

Secret Agent L almost didn't make her mission today due to a pretty bad migraine. She may be a secret agent, but she's still human. Please excuse her lack of creativity as she leaves her mark in a women's restroom again. She tried desperately to be more creative in placement, but a large group of individuals enthusiastically discussing a particular moisturizer in aisle #14 thwarted her original plan to perform her covert op in the make-up section.


Rebecca Glenn said...

Holy Guacamole. Secret Agent L is not playing around. I am your new number one biggest fan. I might even start a fan club. Way to go Secret Agent...

Secret Agent L said...


Holy Guacamole is right! Secret Agent L is SO not playing around! She is, in fact, quite serious about spreading kindness and joy and smiles and love. And she is Most Honored that you are her new number one biggest fan. *blush* She hopes that you will go out and spread kindness each and every day of your life. And she hopes you will always remember how much GOOD there is in the world and that there are people who love and love and love.

Secret Agent L

Kthrn said...

Me and my friends are now following your movement - we're going to start committing random acts of kindness too! We deem it best to spread the positivity - thank you so much for enacting this thought within our heads!