30 September 2009

MISSION: Your opinion.

Hi, all.

Just a quick note to let you know that Secret Agent L has posted a new poll over there on the right. She's been thinking lately about opening up a PayPal account to accept online donations to help with mission expenses. Ultimately, what she'd like to do is start doing Mega Mission Mondays where the mission for that Monday is, well, Mega. As in, a bit more expensive and special. Usually, Secret Agent L and her Affiliated Agents try to keep their goodies around $5 (or less). But with Mega Mission Mondays, Secret Agent L would love to have goodies that are much more substantial: $10-$20 gift cards, CDs, books, etc. But she can't do it on her day job's salary. (Insert sad music here.)

Secret Agent L understands that money is tight for everyone these days. With so many people out of work and strapped for cash just to pay the mortgage or the rent, donating to Secret Agent L might feel a bit overwhelming. But what if people gave up their Starbucks for the day? Or packed their lunches instead? Just thinking out loud here.

So please take a moment to leave a comment or vote in the poll. Secret Agent L values her readers, her Affiliated Agents, and the world at large. Let her know what you think! Thanks so much!

Secret Agent L.
(photo from here)

28 September 2009

MISSION: Reporter Notebook

Secret Agent L completed her first mission in a long, long time today. She was a little nervous! And a bit rusty! (Two thwarted attempts later, she finally managed this one.)

With the G-20 out of the way, Secret Agent L thought it'd still be kind of fun to keep with the journalistic feel that's been permeating Pittsburgh. This reporter-style notebook, generously donated by our new friends at Compendium (get thee to their website NOW!!), made for the perfect little treat. Secret Agent L has more such treats from Compendium and will be sharing them with the city of Pittsburgh in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the amazing selection of gifts this super cool company has in store! Secret Agent L is in love!

Date: Monday, 28 September 2009

Location: Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, College Hall, ground-floor lobby

Time: 4:14 p.m.

(Get a load of the print on these couches! Yikes! Secret Agent L should have a side business: Interior Decorator to All Those Places That Have Couches in Their Lobbies)

Hopefully, whoever finds this reporter notebook will jot down all of the exciting things that happen in his or her life! And then share those things with others!

And a BIG, HUGE, WE'RE-SO-NOT-WORTHY {THANK YOU!} to Kristel at the Editorial Department of Compendium who stumbled on to the Secret Agent L site and GENEROUSLY sent a package filled with all kinds of goodies to give away in the name of kindness. Kristel, you are amazing, and your company fills our hearts. THANK YOU!! xoxoxo

27 September 2009

MISSION: Movie going in Denmark!

DATE: 09/20/09

LOCATION: Movie theater, Denmark

TIME: late afternoon

Affiliate Agent F in Denmark certainly knows how to perform a great mission.  Even without a printer, this hard-working agent attached a handwritten note and cards so the recipient would know the special gifts left behind were just for her!  Great job!  

Affiliate Agent F writes, "...in my small town, it's not easy to find places to put kind things, but when my friend asked me to go to the movies with her, I thought it was the perfect place!
A few days ago, I bought a few things I thought would be nice. I bought a candle and two of those pillows you can blow up to support your neck when you travel by car or airplane."

The items left in the ladies' room of a cinema included the note, "Dear movie-watcher! Aristotle said: 'What is a friend? - A single soul in two bodies.' I hope you came here tonight with a friend, maybe one that brightens up your life, and makes it a little easier. Have a good evening, and say hello to your friend from Secret Agent F."  

"With the letter, I put a little note that said 'You're beautiful' in a few different languages."  Thanks Agent F, we think you are beautiful, too!  

26 September 2009

MISSION: Doughnut Drop - Take 1... Better make that Take 2

DATE: 09/22/09

LOCATION: Uptown/Northside, Pittsburgh

TIME: Noon

Affiliate Agent WLH certainly had his hands full with this mission and in more ways than one. His idea to make a drop for the workers at the new home of the Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team encountered a little hitch.

He writes: "On a rainy Tuesday, I set out with two dozen doughnuts, slogging though town in hopes of dropping the highly visible bag over the construction fence to the toiling workers. On the eve of the G-20, however, security was on red alert, and both the construction guard and a local University officer were eyeing me, I imagine, supposing me an agent of anarchy rather than goodwill.

Their scowls suggested that they suspected my pastry bag really contained something more like a custard bomb or a rabid hamster to thwart their construction efforts.

Deciding to repurpose the mission, I set off in search of new quary, splitting my goodies between Duquesne University staffers and the staff of the brand new Allegheny Branch of the Carnegie Library.

The lively librarians seemed surprised but delighted to find the doughnuts, as I snapped a photo, and ran. Not the most deftly effected mission, but successful enough!"

Secret Agent L confirms the outcome of this mission as great.

25 September 2009

MISSION: Sweet Notes

Secret Agent L went out this morning to go to the pharmacy and was overwhelmed by the G-20 craziness that's going on around her neighborhood: protestors and riot police and anarchists, oh my! She had full intentions of completing a couple of missions, but the Many Riot Police made her nervous, so she ran her errand and headed home to the safety and quiet of her apartment instead.

However! Secret Agent L is pleased to announce that she still has a reservoir of missions sitting in her inbox from the Call for Missions email she sent out last week to all of her Affiliated Agents.

Today, I bring to you another mission from Affiliated Agent D in Oregon. This girl rocks!

Date: last weekend

Time: morning and late afternoon

Location: Various locations around Albany, Oregon

Affiliated Agent D states: "I purchased these cute little encouraging notes on etsy. I added a little embellishment along with the Secret Agent tag and stashed them in my purse to spread joy around town this weekend.

"The first note was left at Ciddici's Pizza in Albany, Oregon after dinner on Saturday night around 5pm. I don't know for sure...but have a hunch it was found by the sweet waitress who took our order.

"The second note was left at Del Taco in Albany when we had our Sunday morning breakfast burrito. (We are really not such fast-food junkies, but this has been a busy weekend!!)

"The final note was left in the women's restroom at South Albany Community Church...hope it encouraged the finder!!"

Well done, Affiliated Agent D! You always come through, and Secret Agent L appreciates it very much! Keep up the good work!

More missions to come in the next couple of days!

24 September 2009

MISSION: Necklace Night Out

LOCATION: Beehive Coffeehouse, Southside, Pittsburgh

DATE: 09/19/09

TIME: 10pm

Affiliate Agent WLH performed his first mission in Pittsburgh this week and has found this work quite rewarding. Reward was his inspiration for the mission.

Placing a necklace around a lamp on the the most popular table in the coffee shop would be the perfect reward for a studying student or a patron in need of a caffeine fix. 

 Secret Agent L calls this first mission a great success! 

22 September 2009

Mission: Spread Happiness for the G-20

Secret Agent L is partial to Pittsburgh for, um, well, obvious reasons. This is only one of those reasons:

Nothin' like a flash mob to stir things up and remind us all about the importance of kindness, tolerance, love, and family.

Thank you, Point Park University. You rock.

Mission: So many good people out there!

I'm back!

Hello, everyone. Secret Agent L here. Well, it's been a rough, rough 6 weeks for me. Loss is never easy to deal with--any kind of loss. And while each day is still a tremendous struggle (I never knew the human heart could weep and ache as mine has), I am trying to move forward in kindness. I am trying to hold on to any little glimmer of joy and peace out there, trying to rebuild in some way.

And, so...

Last week I put out a call to all of my Affiliated Agents requesting that they please perform a mission. I was not disappointed. I now bring to you some of those glimmers.

1. Affiliated Agent L in Germany writes:
"I've done two things this week:

1. Give a ride to someone who was walking on an Air Force base. Many newcomers to this base have to wait until their cars are shipped from the US to Germany, and many end up sans auto for a bit. Friday morning I pulled over and offered a ride to a woman who was new in town. Turns out she was going to the same building I was- no inconvenience at all, and she was really appreciative.

2. Compliment a stranger! I read an article in the local paper about a woman who recently got promoted. I saw her at the store and told her congrats-she was surprised and excited. Made my day!"

2. Affiliated Agent CCC writes:

"Secret Agent CCC works in a company going through a lot of rough changes. Morale is low, people are unhappy, stress is in abundance, happiness is hard to come by, and she'd love to see the gray cloud over her office go away. To help make that possible, she's vowed to provide a small gift for the 200 or so people she works with. If she leaves 1 tiny gift a day she'll be able to make everyone she works with a little happier over the course of less than a year. Because the people she works with are very internet savvy, and because she'd really like to not have her secret agent cover blown, she's not sending in pictures of these good deeds. But, what she is doing, is placing a piece of fruit on her coworker's desks that read: 'You work hard. You work long hours. You help people without expecting anything in return. Thank you! May this piece of fruit add a touch of sweetness to your day.'

She's left the note unsigned, and she's not heard any rumblings yet, but she hopes that she can make her coworkers (and a fruit-seller or two) happy over the next year."

3. Affiliated Agent E of Affiliated Secret Unit E.T. writes:

"Today’s mission was to release a Lavender & Orange Badger Balm out into the world. Badger Balm is a line of organic body rubs that come in sweet little tins, decorated with charming badgers. We’re fans and we hoped that a little Badger Balm would make someone else’s day a bit brighter.

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time: 8:50 a.m.

Location: Women’s bathroom – corporate office building – Exton, Pennsylvania

Leaving gifts in bathrooms is popular among the agents, I know. It sounds simple, but let me tell you…it was trickier than I expected! I didn’t know if someone was about to fling open the door and catch me in the act!!But somehow I managed to place the balm and take a photo in secret. Phew!I hope someone enjoys this little surprise! And I’d like to say to anyone who hasn’t done a mission yet – this is FUN! It’s even more fun than you think it’s going to be."

Well done, Affiliated Agents. Well done.

17 September 2009

MISSION: Mini Notebook

Secret Agent L knows that when inspiration hits, action must be taken. Immediately!  That's why it is important to keep the necessary tools on hand, at all times. 

Location:  Park on Carson St., Southside 

Date: 9-15-09 

Time: 8:40 PM

What better place for inspiration to hit than a park bench on a beautiful evening?!?

At sunset, this mini notebook was left on a park bench to help the recipient in that creative process. 

This cute little pocket notebook can hold a personal photo in the front cover to further inspire the carrier.  Hopefully, it will be put to good use! 

16 September 2009

The Return of the Real S.A.L.

The REAL Secret Agent L announces that she will be returning to the field on Monday, September 21, 2009.

She thanks everyone for their kindness, prayers, and good wishes during this difficult time. She's still struggling with putting one foot in front of the other, but she's determined to continue to move forward in kindness.

She's really looking forward to her return! See you soon!

(photo from here)

14 September 2009

MISSION: Write- On

The gift, the story, the friends... this Mission has INCREDIBLE written all over it.  Secret Agents, this is one to love.  

Location:  21 by-pass... Rock Hill, SC

Date: 9-11-09 

Time: 1:30 PM
After having a great lunch, both Secret Agent IPOTB and Secret Agent GP set out to find a  'drop site' for a hand covered journal that Agent IPOTB had made.   They had only gone a short distance, when they spotted an unoccupied car wash.  As traffic cleared, they made a U-Turn in the center of the road, and headed back to make the drop. 

Once in the lot, Secret Agent IPOTB came to a screaching hault, then Secret Agent GP grabbed the journal and headed around the vehicle.  She strategically placed this lovely jewel next to a coin operated vaccumn cleaner, while Secret Agent IPOTB snapped a quick photo of it. 
They are glad to report, even though this car wash is located on an extremely busy thoroughfare, no one pulled into the business before they made their fast getaway.....by the way...James Bond has nothing on these two Agents... their tires are still smokin'.   Be watching for them in the near future, as they are already planning their next Mission.

Secret Agent IPOTB took a sidekick along on her first mission and with great results!  She writes, "Secret Agent GP, who is 74, had a stroke last year.  She has recovered pretty well since that day, however, the stroke robbed her of her ability to drive and she doesn't get out of her home often during the day now.  I thought a nice lunch and a few hours of conversation would put a smile on her face.  Watching her excitement today has guaranteed her a spot in my vehicle every week, and we will seek out places to carry out Random Acts of Kindness. She was so excited!"  Thanks so much to Secret Agent IPOTB and her super sidekick Secret Agent GP.  What a wonderful mission!  I think we are ALL excited about this one!  

13 September 2009

MISSION: Encouraging Notes

LOCATION: Oakland. Pitt Campus and Surrounding Areas.

DATE: 09/07/2009

TIME: 3pm

Secret Agent L knows how stressful daily life can be, especially for busy college students. She recently took a stroll through Pittsburgh as students moved back on campus, preparing themselves for another year of hard work, some for the first time. This event definitely calls for encouraging words, which is why notes were left all over campus for students, parents, teachers, and other passers-by to know they are thought of during this time. 

Even the smallest of gestures can make the biggest impact.  Secret Agent L hopes these notes  brought a little encouragement to anyone who found them.  

12 September 2009

MISSION: Cupcakes Do Great Things!

Secret Agent S, a very busy Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L, really knows how to spread joy. Recently, she has taken beautiful St. Augustine, Florida by storm and left in her wake, amazing gifts.  This is just one more example of how spreading kindness is easy as pie. Or cupcake!  

Mission: Pediatric Clinic, St Augustine, FL

Date: 8/20/09

Time: 6:30 pm

Well, here we are again. Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L is on the move again. And today she has the hugest craving for food. Have you ever really united with food? I mean, REALLY united? I am in a state of complete and utter euphoria over this little slice of heaven in St Augustine, Fl called LuLi's Cupcakes. I tell ya what, this whole store is devoted to nothing but the pure existence of a little food known as CUPCAKES. There is not one other reason it exists but to provide the entire world with every flavor of cupcake you can imagine. Seriously. It exists for no other purpose but to give us cupcakes. I don't know about you, but Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L wants to bow down to LuLi's Cupcakes, pay homage and worship at the doorstep just because they do in fact exist. 

While we are in the economy we are in, I decided to make sure some lucky kid out there gets treated to LuLi's cupcakes, because let's face it, parents aren't treating the kids to frivolous things like cupcakes when money is tight. That is just life. Why should LuLi's suffer? Or the kids? So Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L stopped by LuLi's, ate two cupcakes, and bought two tokens for free cupcakes and delivered said tokens to the front of a Pediatric Clinic. I know the kids are headed there to get their annual vaccinations and I figured they deserved a treat after all the pain they endure just to enter the school year. Poor things! Yep. Mission accomplished and Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L had a blast making a kid's day. 

PS... I think LuLi's deserves a shout out. Visit their website at www.luliscupcakes.com. Woo hoo! CUPCAKES

10 September 2009

Mission: Different is Good

WOW!  Secret Agent S is amazing. That's really all I can say!

Mission: Children's Speech Pathologist, St Augustine, Fl

Date: 6/19/09

Time: 7 pm

Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L strikes again, for the kids. A local author is donating children's books and we thought we should make sure they reach their destination. This book 'Different is Good' teaches kids all about being different. The story is about a little girl who has a speech impediment and she learns to love herself, just as she is. Imagine that? Just as she is, without changing a thing. Kids sure have a hard time dealing with differences and so often they want to change themselves to fit in. We liked the message of this book, because it teaches the readers to love ourselves, and accept our flaws and see them as perfect, just as they are. 

We took about 20 books and donated them to a Children's Speech Pathologist office. Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L thinks it would be a great idea for the Pathologist to hand out these books to the kids they are coaching as a free gift. We can only imagine that going to the speech doctor must seem a bit scary at first and maybe if these kids have their own special book about speech 'flaws', well, maybe they'd feel a bit better about themselves and the doctor. Maybe it would help establish trust with the adult that seems so scary. Maybe it would even make the doctor see these kids with new eyes. They are perfect just as they are!!! And we hope all adults can receive that message too. Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L has noticed that little kids who don't love being different grow up to be adults who don't love being different and boy-oh-boy do we have enough adults fighting over differences! Right?

Mission accomplished and hopefully these kids will grow up loving differences and accepting themselves and others just the way they are :).....because Different Is Good!!!

08 September 2009

MISSION: Welcome to Germany

While we enjoyed a long weekend here in the States, Affiliate Agent LS in Germany (yes, GERMANY!) decided that someone out there deserved a much needed gift.  Thanks so much for spreading kindness over in Spangdahlem.  

Location: Community building, Spangdahlem, Germany

Date: Friday, September 4

Time: 9:30 am
For my first mission, I wrapped a ribbon around some delicious gummy treats and attached the Secret Agent L business card along with a tag that read, "It's Christmas in September! This is for YOU! Have a great day, and pass it on!" I left the treat on a table in a heavily-trafficked area of the building, right outside the coffee shop. I had to act quickly- there were a lot of people coming in and out the front door when I dropped it off. I hope it made someone's day. 

Secret Agent V is certain that the recipient of this early Christmas gift was pleased.  Great job on your maneuvering, Agent LS! 

03 September 2009


Affiliate Agent N spent a great weekend in Connecticut recently and thought it only nice that another share in her joy, in an anonymous manner, of course. Lighthouses, rubber duckies, surprises, OH MY!

Mission: Bag of rubber duckies on a ledge of the Mystick Seaport lighthouse and bench in Olde Mistick Village

Date: August 31, 2009

Time: Afternoon

"My boyfriend and I took a day-trip to Mystic, CT for my birthday.  Since I’ve had such a great year, I thought it was only appropriate to do something for someone else.  We picked up some rubber duckies at a store and made up a couple packages to leave around Mystic.  They made us laugh, so we figured they’d at least put a smile on the recipients faces.  Mistick Village was easier since we just sat on a bench for a few minutes and then got up when there weren’t many people walking around.  The Seaport was a lot harder.  We picked the lighthouse which seemed to be a big attraction.   There were a couple close calls with a family that had a couple little kids and some stroller issues.  But eventually they walked away so we were able to drop the ducks quickly on a ledge of the lighthouse where we were sure someone would see them.  When we came back an hour later, we say the package was gone.  I hope all the ducks went to a good home!"

Fun, fabulous, fantastic idea!  Thanks Agent N!