13 September 2009

MISSION: Encouraging Notes

LOCATION: Oakland. Pitt Campus and Surrounding Areas.

DATE: 09/07/2009

TIME: 3pm

Secret Agent L knows how stressful daily life can be, especially for busy college students. She recently took a stroll through Pittsburgh as students moved back on campus, preparing themselves for another year of hard work, some for the first time. This event definitely calls for encouraging words, which is why notes were left all over campus for students, parents, teachers, and other passers-by to know they are thought of during this time. 

Even the smallest of gestures can make the biggest impact.  Secret Agent L hopes these notes  brought a little encouragement to anyone who found them.  


I Play Outside The Box said...

So sweet!

Operation Smiley Face said...

That was so thoughtful. I'm sure you made someone smile with those notes. :)

Code Name: J said...

Wow, I am so inspired! I decided to make my own blog last night about sowing random acts of kindness. In an attempt to gather ideas, I came stumbled across your site today. Amazing. Consider me an official agent "Secret Agent J."