28 September 2009

MISSION: Reporter Notebook

Secret Agent L completed her first mission in a long, long time today. She was a little nervous! And a bit rusty! (Two thwarted attempts later, she finally managed this one.)

With the G-20 out of the way, Secret Agent L thought it'd still be kind of fun to keep with the journalistic feel that's been permeating Pittsburgh. This reporter-style notebook, generously donated by our new friends at Compendium (get thee to their website NOW!!), made for the perfect little treat. Secret Agent L has more such treats from Compendium and will be sharing them with the city of Pittsburgh in the coming weeks. In the meantime, check out the amazing selection of gifts this super cool company has in store! Secret Agent L is in love!

Date: Monday, 28 September 2009

Location: Pittsburgh, Duquesne University, College Hall, ground-floor lobby

Time: 4:14 p.m.

(Get a load of the print on these couches! Yikes! Secret Agent L should have a side business: Interior Decorator to All Those Places That Have Couches in Their Lobbies)

Hopefully, whoever finds this reporter notebook will jot down all of the exciting things that happen in his or her life! And then share those things with others!

And a BIG, HUGE, WE'RE-SO-NOT-WORTHY {THANK YOU!} to Kristel at the Editorial Department of Compendium who stumbled on to the Secret Agent L site and GENEROUSLY sent a package filled with all kinds of goodies to give away in the name of kindness. Kristel, you are amazing, and your company fills our hearts. THANK YOU!! xoxoxo


Rebecca Glenn said...

Um. LOVE that company!!!! wowzers. I am a writer and I will be buying from them! For sure!!!! NICE WORK...Secret Agent L is really getting arouuuuuund.

Operation Smiley Face said...

So glad you're back L. You were missed. :)

Arwen said...

I just caught up after a few weeks off from blog reading and, man, did I miss a lot on here! Great stuff!

Anonymous said...

I took your "when you need, give" card off of the wall next to the elevator. What a great reminder. Thank you.

Secret Agent L said...

rebecca glenn: yes, it's the most kick-arse company ever. lurve, lurve, lurve it.

operation smiley face: thanks! :) i missed doing this. but grief has a way of just consuming one sometimes...and i was a victim. still am suffering, but am trying to keep moving forward.

arwen: love! glad you're back in the circle! xoxo

anonymous: thank you SO much for letting me know you grabbed that card. i've been leaving them all over, and nobody seems to pick them up! :( thank you for your curiosity (and bravery).

Secret Agent L