14 September 2009

MISSION: Write- On

The gift, the story, the friends... this Mission has INCREDIBLE written all over it.  Secret Agents, this is one to love.  

Location:  21 by-pass... Rock Hill, SC

Date: 9-11-09 

Time: 1:30 PM
After having a great lunch, both Secret Agent IPOTB and Secret Agent GP set out to find a  'drop site' for a hand covered journal that Agent IPOTB had made.   They had only gone a short distance, when they spotted an unoccupied car wash.  As traffic cleared, they made a U-Turn in the center of the road, and headed back to make the drop. 

Once in the lot, Secret Agent IPOTB came to a screaching hault, then Secret Agent GP grabbed the journal and headed around the vehicle.  She strategically placed this lovely jewel next to a coin operated vaccumn cleaner, while Secret Agent IPOTB snapped a quick photo of it. 
They are glad to report, even though this car wash is located on an extremely busy thoroughfare, no one pulled into the business before they made their fast getaway.....by the way...James Bond has nothing on these two Agents... their tires are still smokin'.   Be watching for them in the near future, as they are already planning their next Mission.

Secret Agent IPOTB took a sidekick along on her first mission and with great results!  She writes, "Secret Agent GP, who is 74, had a stroke last year.  She has recovered pretty well since that day, however, the stroke robbed her of her ability to drive and she doesn't get out of her home often during the day now.  I thought a nice lunch and a few hours of conversation would put a smile on her face.  Watching her excitement today has guaranteed her a spot in my vehicle every week, and we will seek out places to carry out Random Acts of Kindness. She was so excited!"  Thanks so much to Secret Agent IPOTB and her super sidekick Secret Agent GP.  What a wonderful mission!  I think we are ALL excited about this one!  

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Yes, that was great! :)