27 September 2009

MISSION: Movie going in Denmark!

DATE: 09/20/09

LOCATION: Movie theater, Denmark

TIME: late afternoon

Affiliate Agent F in Denmark certainly knows how to perform a great mission.  Even without a printer, this hard-working agent attached a handwritten note and cards so the recipient would know the special gifts left behind were just for her!  Great job!  

Affiliate Agent F writes, "...in my small town, it's not easy to find places to put kind things, but when my friend asked me to go to the movies with her, I thought it was the perfect place!
A few days ago, I bought a few things I thought would be nice. I bought a candle and two of those pillows you can blow up to support your neck when you travel by car or airplane."

The items left in the ladies' room of a cinema included the note, "Dear movie-watcher! Aristotle said: 'What is a friend? - A single soul in two bodies.' I hope you came here tonight with a friend, maybe one that brightens up your life, and makes it a little easier. Have a good evening, and say hello to your friend from Secret Agent F."  

"With the letter, I put a little note that said 'You're beautiful' in a few different languages."  Thanks Agent F, we think you are beautiful, too!  

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Rebecca Glenn said...

I LOVE this. We are all over the globe now. woo hoo...