22 September 2009

Mission: So many good people out there!

I'm back!

Hello, everyone. Secret Agent L here. Well, it's been a rough, rough 6 weeks for me. Loss is never easy to deal with--any kind of loss. And while each day is still a tremendous struggle (I never knew the human heart could weep and ache as mine has), I am trying to move forward in kindness. I am trying to hold on to any little glimmer of joy and peace out there, trying to rebuild in some way.

And, so...

Last week I put out a call to all of my Affiliated Agents requesting that they please perform a mission. I was not disappointed. I now bring to you some of those glimmers.

1. Affiliated Agent L in Germany writes:
"I've done two things this week:

1. Give a ride to someone who was walking on an Air Force base. Many newcomers to this base have to wait until their cars are shipped from the US to Germany, and many end up sans auto for a bit. Friday morning I pulled over and offered a ride to a woman who was new in town. Turns out she was going to the same building I was- no inconvenience at all, and she was really appreciative.

2. Compliment a stranger! I read an article in the local paper about a woman who recently got promoted. I saw her at the store and told her congrats-she was surprised and excited. Made my day!"

2. Affiliated Agent CCC writes:

"Secret Agent CCC works in a company going through a lot of rough changes. Morale is low, people are unhappy, stress is in abundance, happiness is hard to come by, and she'd love to see the gray cloud over her office go away. To help make that possible, she's vowed to provide a small gift for the 200 or so people she works with. If she leaves 1 tiny gift a day she'll be able to make everyone she works with a little happier over the course of less than a year. Because the people she works with are very internet savvy, and because she'd really like to not have her secret agent cover blown, she's not sending in pictures of these good deeds. But, what she is doing, is placing a piece of fruit on her coworker's desks that read: 'You work hard. You work long hours. You help people without expecting anything in return. Thank you! May this piece of fruit add a touch of sweetness to your day.'

She's left the note unsigned, and she's not heard any rumblings yet, but she hopes that she can make her coworkers (and a fruit-seller or two) happy over the next year."

3. Affiliated Agent E of Affiliated Secret Unit E.T. writes:

"Today’s mission was to release a Lavender & Orange Badger Balm out into the world. Badger Balm is a line of organic body rubs that come in sweet little tins, decorated with charming badgers. We’re fans and we hoped that a little Badger Balm would make someone else’s day a bit brighter.

Date: Thursday, September 17, 2009

Time: 8:50 a.m.

Location: Women’s bathroom – corporate office building – Exton, Pennsylvania

Leaving gifts in bathrooms is popular among the agents, I know. It sounds simple, but let me tell you…it was trickier than I expected! I didn’t know if someone was about to fling open the door and catch me in the act!!But somehow I managed to place the balm and take a photo in secret. Phew!I hope someone enjoys this little surprise! And I’d like to say to anyone who hasn’t done a mission yet – this is FUN! It’s even more fun than you think it’s going to be."

Well done, Affiliated Agents. Well done.


Tabitha@ichoosebliss.net said...

Pure Goodness (:

Operation Smiley Face said...

Awww, that put a smile on my face. :)

Cinnamon said...

Welcome back, L! May we all live up to your level of kindness and positivity.