30 September 2009

MISSION: Your opinion.

Hi, all.

Just a quick note to let you know that Secret Agent L has posted a new poll over there on the right. She's been thinking lately about opening up a PayPal account to accept online donations to help with mission expenses. Ultimately, what she'd like to do is start doing Mega Mission Mondays where the mission for that Monday is, well, Mega. As in, a bit more expensive and special. Usually, Secret Agent L and her Affiliated Agents try to keep their goodies around $5 (or less). But with Mega Mission Mondays, Secret Agent L would love to have goodies that are much more substantial: $10-$20 gift cards, CDs, books, etc. But she can't do it on her day job's salary. (Insert sad music here.)

Secret Agent L understands that money is tight for everyone these days. With so many people out of work and strapped for cash just to pay the mortgage or the rent, donating to Secret Agent L might feel a bit overwhelming. But what if people gave up their Starbucks for the day? Or packed their lunches instead? Just thinking out loud here.

So please take a moment to leave a comment or vote in the poll. Secret Agent L values her readers, her Affiliated Agents, and the world at large. Let her know what you think! Thanks so much!

Secret Agent L.
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Operation Smiley Face said...

I think a paypal link is a good thing. As you may know I give away items also, and I have had people ask if they could donate to the project. Having a button on your site makes it easy for those that want to give to do so. It doesn't mean that they HAVE to, it just makes it easier and shows that you are open to accepting contributions. :)

Bunny Queen said...

As a board member for a non-profit, I am constantly telling people that you can't expect to get something if you don't even ask for it. So, ask away! Based on my experience this year, it actually seems like more people are making donations more often than in the past. The individual donations tend to be smaller, but they come in more often and the net result is an *increase* in donations in spite of the economy - or maybe because of it. Perhaps people are realizing that we should all be grateful that we have as much as we do. :)

Petunia Face said...

There is NO harm in asking. :)

Rebecca Glenn said...

I say go for it. our missions have been all over the board. One was over $100 and one was free and everywhere in between. Money blocks are moving people. We don't see money as an obstacle. Our mission is 'if you don't give when you DON"T have, you won't give when you do!!!!" GIVE GIVE GIVE :) xoxo

bill said...

Absolutely, this is a great idea! I think you can help people really feel involved, be part of the mission. Maybe even do mission fundraising campaigns if you have something larger in mind. And the paypal thing is great because anyone that can give as little as a dollar can help with a mission!