08 September 2009

MISSION: Welcome to Germany

While we enjoyed a long weekend here in the States, Affiliate Agent LS in Germany (yes, GERMANY!) decided that someone out there deserved a much needed gift.  Thanks so much for spreading kindness over in Spangdahlem.  

Location: Community building, Spangdahlem, Germany

Date: Friday, September 4

Time: 9:30 am
For my first mission, I wrapped a ribbon around some delicious gummy treats and attached the Secret Agent L business card along with a tag that read, "It's Christmas in September! This is for YOU! Have a great day, and pass it on!" I left the treat on a table in a heavily-trafficked area of the building, right outside the coffee shop. I had to act quickly- there were a lot of people coming in and out the front door when I dropped it off. I hope it made someone's day. 

Secret Agent V is certain that the recipient of this early Christmas gift was pleased.  Great job on your maneuvering, Agent LS! 


Krista said...

What are the odds??? We're currently stationed here at Spangdahlem. Its crazy how this one person, one site can spread this far across the world with agents. And crazy that I walk in this building quite often to get my morning cup of coffee! Well I hope whomever got this was surely pleased. Good to see someone in this neck of the woods doing good!!

Affiliated Secret Unit E.T. said...

Good work, Agent LS! =D