10 September 2009

Mission: Different is Good

WOW!  Secret Agent S is amazing. That's really all I can say!

Mission: Children's Speech Pathologist, St Augustine, Fl

Date: 6/19/09

Time: 7 pm

Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L strikes again, for the kids. A local author is donating children's books and we thought we should make sure they reach their destination. This book 'Different is Good' teaches kids all about being different. The story is about a little girl who has a speech impediment and she learns to love herself, just as she is. Imagine that? Just as she is, without changing a thing. Kids sure have a hard time dealing with differences and so often they want to change themselves to fit in. We liked the message of this book, because it teaches the readers to love ourselves, and accept our flaws and see them as perfect, just as they are. 

We took about 20 books and donated them to a Children's Speech Pathologist office. Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L thinks it would be a great idea for the Pathologist to hand out these books to the kids they are coaching as a free gift. We can only imagine that going to the speech doctor must seem a bit scary at first and maybe if these kids have their own special book about speech 'flaws', well, maybe they'd feel a bit better about themselves and the doctor. Maybe it would help establish trust with the adult that seems so scary. Maybe it would even make the doctor see these kids with new eyes. They are perfect just as they are!!! And we hope all adults can receive that message too. Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L has noticed that little kids who don't love being different grow up to be adults who don't love being different and boy-oh-boy do we have enough adults fighting over differences! Right?

Mission accomplished and hopefully these kids will grow up loving differences and accepting themselves and others just the way they are :).....because Different Is Good!!!


Dawn&Brian said...

Awesome!!! My daughter has speech issues and it has been a real struggle for her...especially at a younger age...this is a terrific mission :)

Affiliated Secret Unit E.T. said...

Good work!! =D

Rebecca Glenn said...

Dawn, how old is your daughter? If you want a book, let me know and Ill mail you one, autographed by the author :)

Dawn&Brian said...

That would be awesome :) She just turned 13...doing great in school, but still has many articulation errors. She LOVES all kinds of books, so would be thrilled to receive this. How can I get my info to you?

Rebecca Glenn said...

give me your email, and I will get it to you. Honestly, we give this book out to more adults than kids. LOL. People don't love themselves exactly as they are. They keep thinking they need to change something, don't they? Well, we think your daughter is perfect, just as she is. without changing a thing!!! :) post your email here if you don't mind???

Dawn&Brian said...

You are exactly right! Thanks again :)