02 September 2009

MISSION: Getting our kicks on Route 66!

Being a writer and a traveler, Secret Agent V knows how important it is to refuel when doing these two favorite things!  Affiliate Agent S combined all of these amazing things, writing, traveling, eating, family, and giving, during her recent mission in Arizona

Route 66
Burger King



Well, Affiliated Agent S is back at it. We took a road trip across country on Route 66. Have you ever traveled with a 6 year old across country? Boy oh boy was it an experience. We loved every minute of it. 

At one point, my lil man wanted to stop at a Burger King and play in the Kidz Zone and I was more than happy to let him run wild for a few hours. I figured this was a great place to leave the journal and pen. Right in the Kidz Zone with the big, plastic castle and the screaming kids. Mom's are just sitting here bored out of their minds while their kids run free and expel pent up steam. I know my mind gets to working while my son plays and from time to time I need to write down a to-do list or just a few inspirational ideas. What a perfect spot to make our drop.

We sure did get our kicks on Route 66 and hopefully so did some lucky mom. Here are a few pics my son took along the Route 66 as well as our Mission Journal/Pen. Enjoy your kids, parents!!! Just as they are...

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