30 August 2009

Secret Agent L posts again...

Secret Agent L family,

Many of us know the trying times that fill the crevices of life and most of us do well to tiptoe over the cracked ice to remain atop. These times are necessary for growth and if we are lucky and can see past the hurt, we are able to learn from difficult and painful experiences. If others are lucky, we pass on what we have learned through friendship, kindness, loving, sharing, teaching, and good deeds. 

Secret Agent L has passed on her knowledge and temporarily, the task of managing this project to one very lucky and eagerly ambitious affiliate, Secret Agent V (that's me).  No one can or will replace Secret Agent L but like any teacher, when sabbatical calls, the trip must be taken. So, with the start of a new school year, the class of Secret Agent V will commence bright and early tomorrow morning. Please direct any questions to her, via this same blog, email, and twitter location, and remember, the syllabus of life is posted here for all to use. 

Secret Agent V


Rebecca Glenn said...

We are sending Secret Agent L all of our love!!! I so get the rollercoaster of life....love to the L

Affiliated Secret Unit E.T. said...

Best Wishes to Secret Agent L!

Let's keep the goodness going here for her. Thanks, Secret Agent V!

Avlor said...

Hugs to you Secret Agent L!

Secret Agent V - bless your heart!

Anonymous said...

We'll be thinking about you Secret Agent L....thank you Secret Agent V for stepping up to the plate and giving Secret Agent L a much needed break.

Best wishes,
Secret Agent AJ