24 August 2009

Mission: Toll Booth

Before Secret Agent L became, well, Secret Agent L, she was just a girl going through the world, trying to do good things. She used to live out in the Midwest, and during times she'd drive home to see her family in Pittsburgh, she'd encounter many toll booths. And sometimes she'd pay for the person behind her. Because that's a nice thing to do.

Affiliated Agent S (of the Orlando Airport Travel Bag mission) seems to think along the same lines. And that's awesome. In her travels recently, she decided literally to Pay It Forward.

Location: Orlando, Florida. Toll Booth. (Specific road not specified.)

Date: Agent did not specify, but Secret Agent L believes it was last weekend.

Time: Agent did not specify.

Affiliated Agent S states: "There have been so many times where I was in a rush to get to the Orlando Airport and the last thing I had in my wallet was cash. I am a Debit Card Girl. I don't keep cash on hand, let alone change. Who has time to wait in line, searching for change when there is an important plane to catch? I am impatient, remember? So, my first mission was to pay for someone's toll and make their day flow just a bit more smoothly.

"We pulled up to the booth, paid our own toll, asked the operator to give our extra payment to someone who was struggling to find change.

"We had to leave it up to her, and yes, she did see a carload of girls, but we still felt we were anonymous due to the fact that the recipient never would know. And besides, how does the operator know who the person was in the vehicle? Yes, our mission was accomplished, as you can see by our very quick snapshot of the awesome-confused-but-very-cool-toll-booth-operator:

"P.S. Just in case you were wondering, no cars were held up behind us in our mission. Miraculously, there was not one car in sight directly behind our vehicle. Looks like the Powers That Be were looking over our little operation."

Yes, indeed.

And Secret Agent L is pleased.


Dawn&Brian said...

The note is so cute...I definitely need to be more creative!!

Head Monkey said...

How great!!! Love that you got a friendly toll booth operator!

Allie Ruth Peach said...

This is such a great idea! I live in Orlando, and when I'm not the one struggling to find change, then I'm the one that's rolling my eyes at the person who is struggling to find change. This is a great little reminder that we all need help sometimes :)