18 August 2009

Mission: Triple Threat

Secret Agent L likes to sleep in on Sundays. By the time she finally hauls herself out of bed for Mass, it nears 11 a.m. some days.

But two Affiliated Agents from West Chester, PA, who call themselves Affiliated Secret Unit E. T., gave up their beauty rest to go out and put beauty into their small town in the form of kindness. And not just one act of kindness, folks. Three. Yes, three. It was a Sunday Morning of Triple Threat Caliber.

Secret Agent L approves and tells herself she could learn a lot from Affiliated Secret Unit E.T.

Location: West Chester, Pennsylvania. The lovely town.

Date: Sunday, 16 August 2009

Mission: Journals

Mission #1: Starbucks. Table in sun.

Time: 8:30 a.m.

Mission #2: Visual Expansion Art Gallery. Window ledge.

Time: 8:45 a.m.

Mission #3: Moonflower Hippie Shop. Planter.

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Affiliated Secret Unit E. T. states: "We prepped 3 lovely little journals with 'Free' tags and with the 'Secret Agent L' cards, too. These pretty, blank journals are ready to hold somebody's thoughts, dreams, favorite quotes, or grocery lists...

"We planted the first journal on a sunny table inside Starbucks. We planted the second amidst cow and koi paintings outside the Visual Expansion art gallery. And we planted the final journal outside Moonflower, a hippie shop.

"A few hours later, we noticed that the journals had been taken! Planting these journals was a lot of fun and also a challenge! It's tricky to be sneaky in town, even on a Sunday morning."

Secret Agent L agrees! It IS tricky to be sneaky. But that's half the fun!

Job well done, Affiliated Secret Unit E. T.!


Sunshine WVU said...

Very inspiring stuff! Journals will definitely be on my list of things to pick up to use for acts of kindness. Great job!! :) Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

You are such an inspiration!! How do you keep it up each day??

Affiliated Secret Unit E. T. said...

So fun to see this here!

Let's all keep being Kindly Sneaky! :)

Anonymous said...

So awesome!!

Secret Agent L said...

Thought you all might like to read the email I received a couple fo days ago from one of the individuals who stumbled upon this random act of kindness:

Hi there
I would just like to leave an email to say i picked up one of your gorgeous journals on Sunday 16th August in West Chester- PA, from the Hippi shop. Im actually from England and was on my last few days of vacation with my husband and family. I saw the book and picked it up to read it. I could not believe my eyes as this sort of thing would never happen in the UK!!! You made me smile all day so Thank You.

Best Wishes
Zoe Day

Well done, Affiliated Secret Unit E. T.!