06 August 2009

Mission: Write Away

Secret Agent L loves to write (as is evidence by this here blog). And she thinks it's important that you always carries a little notebook around in the event that Great Ideas strike, or you hit a red light and can quickly jot down some items on your ever-growing shopping list, or you find yourself feeling overwhelmed and need to just get all that stuff in your head that's stressing you out, well, out. Little notebooks are great.

Secret Agent L hopes that the woman who finds today's gesture of kindness will put such notebooks to good use. Perhaps one will be used as an ever-growing list of all of the things she's thankful for. Maybe the second will be for items she needs to buy at the store. And maybe the third will be the place where she writes down all of the kind and good things that happened to her each day. Whatever the woman chooses to use them for, Secret Agent L hopes that they will be used only for All Things Good.

By the way, Secret Agent L left tonight's gesture in a very Woman Oriented Place. So, gentlemen, don't be alarmed. Sometimes we gals need a little pick-me-up during certain times of the month.

(Mission-related note: Secret Agent L was almost caught during tonight's mission. She double-checked that nobody was around when she pulled out her camera, but just as she snapped her photo, a woman turned the corner and saw what she was doing. Secret Agent L could only imagine the thoughts going through the person's mind: Why on earth is that girl taking pictures of a tampon box???)

Location: Shadyside/East Liberty Walgreens. Feminine Hygiene aisle.

Date: Thursday, 6 August 2009

Time: 8:33 p.m.

By the way, to further her mission of kindness, Secret Agent L purchased 6 bags of M & Ms from the cashier who is participating in a nationwide contest with Walgreens. Whichever sales associate sells the most this month gets a $500 gift card to Walgreens. So far, Secret Agent L's sales associate is #1 in her district. She also just moved into a new apartment, so it's no doubt that sure she could use that money very much. Secret Agent L was more than happy to help out. She reminded the sales associate to "pay it forward," to which the sales associate replied, "Yes, ma'am." Kindness is everywhere.

Besides, who doesn't like M & Ms?


Schmutzie said...

You are being featured on Five Star Friday!

Dawn&Brian said...

Any way your affiliate agents can get some of those perfect little green "take me home" stickers??? I think people would feel more comfortable picking up something with that sticker on it...and it looks so cute!!