25 August 2009

Mission: Essential Oils

Secret Agent L knows stress. In fact, she knows a lot about difficulties and pain, too. She's been going through a very, very difficult time as of late. Thank goodness there are remedies out there to help soothe the pain we as humans go through each day. And Affiliated Agent S (see Mission: Toll Booth) seems to know that, too.

What a wonderful way to help someone through a difficult time. No matter how big or small it may seem.

Location: Kingman, Arizona. Safeway grocery store. Floral shop.

Date: Agent did not specify.

Time: Mid-afternoon.

Affiliated Agent S states: "Being an impatient person, I understand stress. I mean, I know stress like the back of my hand. Stress and I are on a first name basis. Did I mention I know stress? Well, I know a woman who developed the cure to handle stress in the body. She is a formulator of high-quality, hospital grade essential oils. And lo and behold, she developed one in particular titled: STRESS. One whiff of the stuff and the olfactory system sends a signal to the brain to CHILL OUT!!! And let me tell ya, the stuff works.

"Needless to say, I want to spread my new found love and adoration of her Stress Aromatherapy Essential Oil. The coolest part of this mission is that she chose to donate her product. A formulator and a giver. Cool lady. Her theory is that anyone she can help become less stressed simply makes the world a better place. She and I both know that people who are stressed tend to have friends who are as well. With that knowledge in mind, she donated three, count 'em, three bottles of oil. One for the lucky person to find, and two for her stressed out friends.

"When we arrived at the Safeway store, we noticed a woman working in the floral department. A man had just dumped over a display and there was water everywhere. She was calling over the p.a. system, 'Clean up in the floral department. Mop needed. Clean up in the floral department.'

"We figured she qualified for 'stress' relief and her little gift was left on her counter while she was distracted with her clean up. We were never seen. We did have one glitch though. We ran out of Secret Agent L cards, so we wrote the site address on the back of one of the bags. Maybe it didn't look as cute as our other missions, but she got the message. And we shopped for our groceries, stress free!

"P.S. I feel led to share the website of our formulator and donator. After all, in a way, she did sponsor the mission. http://www.pathtoperfecthealth.com/"

Secret Agent L thanks Affiliated Agent S and the wonderful creator and donor of these oils, and she is going to go online right now and order some for herself. Wonder if there's an oil for heartache...


Affiliated Secret Unit E.T. said...

That would be a great treat to find!

storylinegirl said...

I just wanted to say, i love the idea. I stumbled upon this site via another blog (if i can only remember which). The whole concept of random act of kindness is something this world needs. I had a similar idea years and years back, but never acted on it. so kudos to secret agent L.
And i love how the 'gifts' all look special.

Jery said...

Secret Agent L - I just wanted to say, hang in there! I have recently experienced profound heartache myself - or I should say, am experiencing. Some days are good and some are bad, but I hope you can take comfort in the fact that you are brightening the world for a whole lot of people. I feel better just reading about the missions you and the affiliated agents are reporting. Sending happy thoughts your way!