20 August 2009

Mission: Tank Top

Secret Agent L's inbox is overflowing, people. Overflowing with your good works! She can hardly keep up! She must confess that her day job is going to be a bit crazy over the course of the next week, so she might not be able to post as much as usual, but she asks that you stick with her, because after next week, things will return to our regularly scheduled programming.

For now, however, she would like to share with you a sweet mission that an Affiliated Agent performed recently during some cross-country travels.

Location: Temecula Wine Country, California. Wine and Cheese Tasting Room.

Date: Affiliated Agent did not specify.

Time: Sundown

Affiliated Agent S reports: "I was working in California and decided to visit a winery and wind down. It sure was hot out there in the middle of the day and we feel a girl should be able to soak up the sun whenever she can. Who wants to wear a shirt that blocks the rays? We think women should show off their lovely, God given, perfectly made bodies in a cute tank top and soak up God's rays while she is at it. Don't you? We also believe this tank top should have a positive message on it and full of happy colors.

"This tank top reads, 'Be Passionate. Connect'. And the tag attached encourages the girl wearing it to take care of herself and to get in touch with her own needs so she can better connect to others. Women tend to take care of others before they take care of themselves and they end up just plain cranky and burnt out. I thought this was a perfect place to leave her little gift. After we left the tasting, we quickly set it down at an empty table and rode off into the sunset. Well, to be honest, we rode off to a jacuzzi while the sun set. I decided to take my own advice and take care of myself for a moment. Ahhh. What a perfect end to a perfect day."

Secret Agent L would like you to know that the Affiliated Agent of this mission has many more where it came from. Stay tuned...


Beth said...

Have you seen the news report about "putpockets" in England? They are pickpockets who are putting $$ back into people's pockets! Now that would be an act of kindness I'd love to experience!


Dawn&Brian said...

Super cool gift! That must have made some lucky lady VERY happy!