03 September 2009


Affiliate Agent N spent a great weekend in Connecticut recently and thought it only nice that another share in her joy, in an anonymous manner, of course. Lighthouses, rubber duckies, surprises, OH MY!

Mission: Bag of rubber duckies on a ledge of the Mystick Seaport lighthouse and bench in Olde Mistick Village

Date: August 31, 2009

Time: Afternoon

"My boyfriend and I took a day-trip to Mystic, CT for my birthday.  Since I’ve had such a great year, I thought it was only appropriate to do something for someone else.  We picked up some rubber duckies at a store and made up a couple packages to leave around Mystic.  They made us laugh, so we figured they’d at least put a smile on the recipients faces.  Mistick Village was easier since we just sat on a bench for a few minutes and then got up when there weren’t many people walking around.  The Seaport was a lot harder.  We picked the lighthouse which seemed to be a big attraction.   There were a couple close calls with a family that had a couple little kids and some stroller issues.  But eventually they walked away so we were able to drop the ducks quickly on a ledge of the lighthouse where we were sure someone would see them.  When we came back an hour later, we say the package was gone.  I hope all the ducks went to a good home!"

Fun, fabulous, fantastic idea!  Thanks Agent N! 

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Dawn&Brian said...

i do so love those duckies...how can you help but smile?!