25 September 2009

MISSION: Sweet Notes

Secret Agent L went out this morning to go to the pharmacy and was overwhelmed by the G-20 craziness that's going on around her neighborhood: protestors and riot police and anarchists, oh my! She had full intentions of completing a couple of missions, but the Many Riot Police made her nervous, so she ran her errand and headed home to the safety and quiet of her apartment instead.

However! Secret Agent L is pleased to announce that she still has a reservoir of missions sitting in her inbox from the Call for Missions email she sent out last week to all of her Affiliated Agents.

Today, I bring to you another mission from Affiliated Agent D in Oregon. This girl rocks!

Date: last weekend

Time: morning and late afternoon

Location: Various locations around Albany, Oregon

Affiliated Agent D states: "I purchased these cute little encouraging notes on etsy. I added a little embellishment along with the Secret Agent tag and stashed them in my purse to spread joy around town this weekend.

"The first note was left at Ciddici's Pizza in Albany, Oregon after dinner on Saturday night around 5pm. I don't know for sure...but have a hunch it was found by the sweet waitress who took our order.

"The second note was left at Del Taco in Albany when we had our Sunday morning breakfast burrito. (We are really not such fast-food junkies, but this has been a busy weekend!!)

"The final note was left in the women's restroom at South Albany Community Church...hope it encouraged the finder!!"

Well done, Affiliated Agent D! You always come through, and Secret Agent L appreciates it very much! Keep up the good work!

More missions to come in the next couple of days!


Secret Affiliated Unit E.T. said...

Those are cute! :)

Tabitha@ichoosebliss.net said...

That is so sweet!

Anonymous said...

from your friendly neighborhood anarchist street medic - discovering the little note you tucked into my bag of medical equipment was a brief moment of calm in an all around crazy couple of days. I was hanging out in a park after the permitted march was over, figuring out if it would be possible to rest before the anti-police-violence demonstration on pitt campus that night, having slept 9 hours out of the last 60 and been walking around trying, trying to help those that had been teargased or otherwise hurt (protestors and bystanders alike) for 12 hours on thursday, ending up hiding in a ressessed alcove flushing out my eyes and the eyes of my friends, it was a friendly bit of calm, a little bit more of the already very good feeling I was getting from being in pittsburgh. from random people sitting on their steps or from their cars cheering as black bloc anarchists moved past to the overwhelming support (I've never been offered so much free food and water) from local businesses and people on the streets, I left the city filled with a mix of happy calm and stressed adrenaline.

now I'm back home, many hours away, back going to school, away from the crazy world that was created in your city for a couple of days. I'm behind on all my work, trying to catch up and re-insert myself into normal life. but that little card is tucked away, probably to remain with nitrile gloves and liquid antacid, and memories of thousands of armed riot cops leaving me in a constant state of nervous fear and equally thousands of protestors who showed that, for a day, they were willing to challenge everything, to show that anything is indeed possible. and the hundreds or thousands of students who stood and stared back at lines of police, cheering and dancing, showing that love and happiness is all around us, and possible to create even when your whole body is shaking with fear.

shake the world L, there will always be people to love and support you.

-- your friendly anarchist street medic --