10 January 2010

MISSION: A heart full of grace.

Friends, it is my great hope and prayer that this is the year you decide to serve. To turn to your fellow man and ask him how you can help him, what kindess you can extend to him, what hand you can reach out to him to lift him up.

In this month in which we celebrate Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., I ask you to serve. In kindness, in love, and with a heart full of grace.


Lisa said...

What a fascinating definition...thank you for the reminder (which we all need oh so frequently).

Here is my intention to make this a year full of kindness, of a heart overflowing with grace and gratitude.

May yours be the same and may it be returned to you!

Anonymous said...

Amen, my beautiful friend!

Operation Smiley Face said...

That was beautiful. Thank you.

Caroline said...

Thank you for this reminder! Also... in this time of need for Haiti we need nothing more than a heart full of grace.