29 May 2010

MISSION: Highland Park

Secret Agent L loves going to the park. Especially Highland Park here in Pittsburgh. It's filled with gorgeous flowers, wonderful trails, a huge reservoir, a pool, and a fun fountain right in the middle. So many people go there to walk, lay out in the sun, sit under a tree and read, play with their dogs, and have fun with kids.

Since the weather was so beautiful today, Secret Agent L decided to join her friend J (and J's darling little companion--a Corgie named Corky) for a walk. And a mission, of course!

Date: Saturday, 29 May 2010

Location: Highland Park, the large fountain

Time: 12:51 p.m.

Secret Agent L thought it'd be nice to leave a little something appropriate to outdoor activities. With the generosity of a fellow Twitter friend, who donated several fun journals to the Secret Agent L project, Secret Agent L was able to include this environmentally friendly journal in her mission today.

She thought it'd be nice for someone to find in case that person wanted to sit under a tree and write down all of the things on his or her mind so that he or she could enjoy the beautiful day with a clear, peaceful mind.

Secret Agent L also had some sunflower seeds to include in her mission. Also donated by a fellow Twitter friend, these seeds could be eaten straight away or planted later for tall, bright sunflowers.

Can you imagine standing next to a 7' sunflower? Sure to bring instant happiness!

And what day at the park is complete without bubbles? No day, that's what! So Secret Agent L made sure to include this little bottle of fun for her unsuspecting recipient.

It even has two wands so that more than one person can get in on the fun! Besides, sharing is the kindest way to play, right?

Secret Agent L attached her signature note, of course:

And she headed off to the park.

The entrance to Highland Park is gorgeous: two tall pillars, complete with bronze statues tarnished by years' of the elements.

If you've never been to Highland Park, you simply must go! Just follow Highland Avenue until you can't go any further, and there you'll be.

The park has a beautiful sitting area, around a large fountain, where there are wrought-iron benches inscribed with the park's name:

And the flowers! Oh, the flowers! They took Secret Agent L's breath away.

She made her way towards the fountain and found an empty bench on which to sit while waiting for her friend. It also gave her a few minutes to prepare her mission.

When nobody was around, Secret Agent L left her gifts, snapped some photos, and met up with J and Corky.

The group of three walked the entire way around the park, and when they arrived back at their starting place, they noticed that the gifts were gone.

Much to their delight, the empty bench signified that someone had stumbled upon the treasure and took it with them to enjoy while spending the day at the park.

And once the Italian Ice vendor makes his appearance at the park like he always does, Secret Agent L will be right back there, leaving some coins for someone to find so they can enjoy a nice, cool treat!

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***Jeannie said...

SAL. You are so sweet. Can you imagine the lifetime of happiness those sunflower seeds will bring? And how many bluejays it will attract? =)

God bless you!