16 June 2010

MISSION: Rima Campbell Photography Giveaway WINNER!

Hi, Everyone!

Thank you so much to all of you who entered the Rima Campbell Photography Session Giveaway! I really enjoyed hearing about and seeing your favorite photos. They all touched my heart! I have to admit, choosing a winner was really, really difficult. But I did it.

And the winner is.... (drum roll, please):

LORI (@steelcitydiva on Twitter)!!!

While everyone's entries were truly wonderful, Lori's really captured my heart because of the deeply personal--and hopeful--nature of the story behind it. You may remember Lori from a post I wrote in honor of her husband, Shane. Shane has been battling (and beating) addiction for a while now. In fact, on March 12 of this year, Lori announced on Twitter that her husband had been sober for 30 days. I was so happy for them both that I decided to write a shout-out post to them. When Lori entered the Rima Campbell Photography giveaway contest and told me about her favorite photo, I couldn't help but feel inspired, moved, and down-right ecstatic.

Lori, Shane, and their family have stuck by each other for 14 years, through thick and thin. And they've never had a family portrait taken! Thanks to the generosity of Rima Campbell, I have decided to give them that opportunity. When I look at my own family photo I have framed and hung on my living room wall, I am continually reminded of the often unbreakable bonds that families have and the absolute gift I've been given in that of my parents and brother. Our own family has been through some pretty rough times, including a debilitating chronic illness my mother has dealt with for over 20 years. That family photo of us continually gives me hope, especially during the difficult times.

So, Lori---CONGRATULATIONS! I hope you enjoy your first family portrait session. May it be an everlasting reminder of the bonds of love you and your family share with one another!

And thank you, Rima, for your extreme generosity in helping this family experience an opportunity they've long deserved!


michelle said...

awww congrats lori! :)

lori said...

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! I cant wait to tell the family..Ive never won anything like this before...WOW just WOW Im speechlesss