22 November 2009

MISSION: Vacation

Affiliated Agent V has been busy. Unfortunately, it hasn't all been with super secret, super awesome missions done on behalf of Secret Agent L. Being a full-time student, a college department worker, a volunteer, a writer, a dog-owner, a girlfriend, a friend, a sometimes sick in winter girl, and a social networking queen, there is little time for much else. This includes taking time to relax and regroup. But recently, a birthday vacation meant "SLOW DOWN!" 

A much needed road trip, even though sick, allowed for reflection, relaxation, and a few mission drops. 

DATE: 11/15/09

TIME: 12:30 pm

LOCATION: Mammoth Cave, KY

Word searches, puzzles, and games are great on a road trip. Long car drives require a pencil and a crossword puzzle. For those who travel without, finding these things along the way provides a great respite from the miles and miles of tree-laden countryside. 

Near Mammoth Cave, Kentucky, there are few places to pull over in hopes of finding something to read on a drive through the area. Mammoth Cave is the world's longest cave system and this area of Kentucky is home to numerous smaller caves. 

Sand Cave in Cave City, KY in one such cave. Off the beaten path and closed to visitors, Sand Cave holds history that many come to experience, at least, as much as can be from the historical markers at the front entrance.  And for those unable to carve their initials in a nearby tree, this souvenir will hopefully provide a nice reminder of their visit. 

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