09 February 2010

MISSION: Help the Animals. PLEASE.

See this handsome boy? His name is Myles. And that puppy? Ooooh, Secret Agent L just wants to smooch his slobbery little face! This photo makes her very, very happy. Do you know what else makes Secret Agent L happy? Kindness to not only people, but ANIMALS as well. Big time. (Secret Agent L's not a vegetarian for nothin', you know.)

Secret Agent L's darling friend Melissa told her about her little brother Myles' great love for and super quest to help the animals of the Maryland ASPCA. Talk about heart-melting! Since funds are pretty tight here at the Secret Agent L project, helping others outside of the project is a great way right now to keep the spirit of kindness going.

If you have a love for animals, if you want to see that they are protected, loved, and valued--as they should be--won't you consider making a donation to help support Myles and the Maryland ASPCA? Any amount--even $5 (the typical cost for a Secret Agent L mission)--is greatly appreciated. What a beautiful way to celebrate a young boy's love for animals and desire to make a difference in the world through kindness.

BUT WAIT! That's not all!

Secret Agent L's other lovely friend, Angela, recently informed Pittsburgh about an absolute atrocity that occurred at a local animal shelter. A bunch of jerks broke into the shelter one night and stole $500 worth of heating oil, which has forced the employees and animals to work and live in freezing conditions. (Remember that time Pittsburgh got over 2' of snow dumped on it? Oh, wait. That was this past weekend. Hmm. Bet that makes for some pretty cold temperatures.)


Angela is raising money through her blog to donate--every cent--to the shelter so that these animals and their caretakers at the shelter can be warm again. PLEASE, dear readers, consider donating to this cause as well. Even $5! Would you consider giving up your Starbucks tomorrow to help freezing, unadopted animals today? There are only three days left to donate, so please look into your heart and see if you can find a way to help.

"If you have men who will exclude any of God's creatures from the shelter of compassion and pity, you will have men who deal likewise with their fellow men."
--St. Francis of Assisi



Melissa said...

You are so great! Thank you for posting this--hopefully it'll bring Myles that much closer to reaching his goal. :)

If you weren't all Secret Agenty, I would track you down and give you a big hug from Myles AND the animals.

Carol Ott said...

As mom to Myles and Melissa -- thank you for posting this! How very sweet of you!

And to whoever broke into the Pittsburgh animal shelter and stole all of their heating oil, seriously don't ever let me run into you when I'm in Pittsburgh. Karma's a bitch, buddy, but I'm a bigger bitch when it comes to oil thieves.


So yeah -- thanks so much for writing this -- maybe we'll "meet" someday when I'm visiting Melissa. I might do your random gift idea the next time I'm there. Hopefully someone will take it!