17 February 2010

Who says Valentine's Day is just ONE day?!?

This Affiliated Agent certainly believes that Valentine's Day is every day.  Being cooped up at home for days during snOMGpgh, this agent wanted to get out and have some secret-agenty fun. And she took her beloved with her to make it a true Valentine affair.

After loading up on cute and clever Valentines, filing them out with the SAL tag, and adding lots of love, Affiliated Agent V and Boyfriend Agent B hit downtown. 

We stopped off to have dinner at a favorite pizza place and found the place packed. Seems like everyone else had the same idea to get out of the house and celebrate the night of love.  

We left Valentines in the napkin dispensers, on the tables...

And, why not, in the bathroom!

After dinner and with a handful of love left to give, we trekked blocks of downtown leaving Valentines in doors, on windshields, and anywhere else we thought someone could use a little love.  

This night of sharing is just an example of a bigger love, a love that binds all of us together.  And hopefully, these little cards brought a little more love into the heart of the recipient.  

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