22 February 2010

MISSION: Nice Notes at Ikea

Okay. If you live in Pittsburgh, it's probably safe to say that you're just as sick of the snow and grey and mush and muck-that's-everywhere-you-look as I am. And now, it's all turned to rain.



Affiliated Agent L (not to be confused with Secret Agent L, because, um, that's me) to the rescue! Thanks to another one of my wonderful Pittsburgh Affiliated Agents, a little bit of sunshine was spread right at the local IKEA.

Date: Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Time: 5:30 PM

Location: Women's sitting area in restroom, IKEA, Robinson Township

(Don't let this picture fool you. The snow here in Pittsburgh was nearly two feet tall recently. Yuck!)

(Oh, grey skies...they seem to never go away around here!)

Affiliated Agent L used her smarts and stopped at Target's One Spot, where all items are only $1, to pick up these adorable--and day-brightening--note cards. Well done, Affiliated Agent L!

A happy little note inside to bring cheer and sunshine to whomever stumbled upon it:

A comfy chair for a shopper to relax in after hours of IKEA shopping makes for the perfect spot to drop the little gift:

Affiliated Agent L states: "IKEA was pretty dead at this time of the day so it was easy to slip in and out and get the mission done, and I must say the bathrooms are so much nicer since the last time that I was there! They must have redone them. There was an hourly bathroom checklist on the back of the door, so it seems like people (at least employees) come and go quite frequently. "

And the cleaning crew could definitely use a rest, after the hard work they do to keep those restrooms looking so clean and sparkley! Maybe one of them took a load off her feet in this comfy chair...and found Affiliated Agent L's lovely gift of sunshine!

Affiliated Agent L, well done! Can't wait to see what your next mission is! Keep those acts of kindness coming!

Secret Agent L


Anonymous said...

Many moons ago, I worked in this store ... and I can tell you that this is exactly the sort of gesture that would make the entire store's day.

10:15 - Card found by co-worker using facilities.
10:20 - They tell their immediate co-workers.
10:23 - News hits the breakroom
10:45 - Spreads through rest of the store
11:30 - Card is hanging in office area.

Nice one!

オテモヤン said...


Pam said...

I love this idea - making someone smile is the best feeling in the world.

Nicely done!

Country Girl said...

What a wonderful idea. Wow!

And looks like you've been spammed by the asian porn guy above. Yet you have your WV on. I am confused.

Debra@ShopLaMuse.com said...

Love the blog! What fun!