15 March 2010

Affiliated Agent: On the Road

Seeing as how my Boss, Secret Agent L has decided to out herself, I find it only fitting to post a plethora of recent (and not so recent) missions from my being out...on the road. But first, I introduce the theme of these missions:

Being Number 2 to the most amazing, kind, and generous anonymous individual in Pittsburgh (ok I'm a bit biased) is hard work. There is a lot of pressure to live up to the standards she maintains, day in and day out. This is not only true in her missions to inspire, but in her daily life, as a real human being. Because I will not reveal my identity at her party, I am taking this time to stand on this stage and give the Boss her propers. You may want to skip the next few lines if you get weepy. 

Many mission recipients, twitter friends, and blog followers have commented that SAL changed them - somehow.  Before the SAL project began, I knew my Boss as one who changed my life by offering a friendship, an understanding, and a model for the kind of life I wanted to lead.  By merely being around SAL, my life transformed before my very eyes and I've become a better person for it. Her inspiration is what keeps me affiliated, as an agent, and also as a friend. 

It's important to me to share this love, to let her know and to let you know how much she means to me.  Because I will likely be sobbing uncontrollably at #hellosal (the reveal party) and therefore unable to convey this type of thought. And I know that all of you will want to have your chance to get up close and personal with a woman of whom I am extremely proud. 

OK ok ok, sorry everyone. On to the missions of inspiration in hope!

DATE: February 15 - March 7

TIME: Various

LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA to Gainesville, FL and locations in between

Ah, vacation. We can never have too many. My most recent vacation started out on Pittsburgh's Southside where several notepads, journals, and crossword puzzle books, each with a writing utensil attached, were dropped.

This vacation south was a heck of a drive and if you have kids, you know, they need entertained along the way.  In the mountains of Georgia, this bag of goodies was left on a van out of which several children piled before heading into a popular retreat, Anna Ruby Falls natural area.

The mountains of North Carolina were full of travelers from all over the United States. With a long drive likely ahead of them, too, crossword puzzle books and pencils were left behind. 

The final destination of Florida proved cooler than anticipated but enjoyable nonetheless. It is my hope that the recipients of these items enjoyed their trip just a little more because of these surprises.