21 March 2010

MISSION: OBAD (Operation Be A Donut), Part 1

If there's one thing you've learned about Secret Agent L, aside from the fact that she loves being kind, it's that she loves donuts.

A lot.

Especially ones from Dunkin Donuts.

Her dream, aside from having an unlimited supply of Dunkin Donuts, is to actually be a donut.

That's right.

Be a donut.

But when, and, more importantly, how would that ever happen?

Why, today with the help of the Dormont Dunkin Donuts, of course.

Now, Secret Agent L can't reveal too much at this point, as the mission she completed today is in the process of undergoing further review before it can be fully posted. But let's just say this:

It all happened in good time. All in good time.

Secret Agent L decided that she still wanted to partake in some of her traditional mission tactics while she was out today in Pittsburgh, such as handing out cards with little gifts in them:

We all know that Dunkin Donuts is known not just for their delicious donuts, but for their coffee as well.

And a lucky Pittsburgher received this little gift today, simply because she felt compelled to hug a donut.

Yes, friends. Hugs will get you kindness in return.

And since Secret Agent L is also a fan of Breast Cancer Awareness, she thought she'd spread that message a little bit today, too. Thanks to these adorable little compact mirrors, with proceeds going straight to breast cancer research, she was able to do just that:

Stay tuned for OBAD, Part 2, where you'll get to see Secret Agent L for the first time. Well, sort of anyway. Don't let the sprinkles confuse you.


lori said...

Wow..you are something else! You know the saying..if only there were more of you to hand out! Those compacts are so cute!! I need to start doing RAK

Windsor Grace said...

I love the save second base mirror.

The Dangerous Liaison said...

I can't WAIT to see the rest of this mission!!! (yay_toast)

Jamie said...

Love it!!! You're amazing!!!
Those mirrors are awesome! As are you! Can't wait to see the rest!

Lisa said...

Two things, 1-Sprinkles?? I LOVE sprinkles. I guess it's a good thing I wasn't the person who hugged you, I may have bit you.
2-I love those compacts. Where would we get some of those?

Lisa J.