12 March 2010

MISSION: Shout-Out.

I can't imagine how hard it must be to struggle with addiction. Whether it's drugs, alcohol, gambling, shopping, food...it really must be painful. I've watched A&E's Intervention, and each episode leaves me with tears streaming down my face and a heavy heart. I know people who struggle with addiction, and I know people who know people who struggle with addiction. And let me tell you, I feel helpless. Maybe you've felt this way, too.

On Twitter today, @steelcitydiva announced that her husband, Shane, has been sober for 30 days as of today. She was so excited! And while I've never met @steelcitydiva or her husband, I'm excited, too! What a wonderful accomplishment and show of courage and strength. So, as a way of spreading kindness and hope, I told @steelcitydiva I'd give her husband a shout-out. He deserves it. It's my way of giving him the hug and high-five I wish I could deliver in person.

Apparently, Shane said to his wife, "Why would anyone care if I'm clean or not?" The answer is, because you're a human being. And you share this earth with people who love you. And you have the potential to change someone's life, even if you don't believe it. Someone loves you, Shane. Someone needs you. Someone believes in you. You have a soul, and that makes you worth more than anything in this world. And that's why people care if you're clean or not. Because you are irreplaceable. Because we're all trying to get through this thing called life, as messy and complicated and fussy and ugly and difficult as it is, and it helps if we do it together. But life is also beautiful and precious and lovely and funny and amazing. And so are you.

I commend @steelcitydiva and Shane for deciding to take it one day at a time and to fight for Shane's life. They're climbing the mountain, and I believe they'll make it to the top. They're almost there.

If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, please seek help. And know that Secret Agent L is praying and rootin' for you. And sending so much love.

Happy Friday, Everyone!



vivian said...

I've struggled. I still struggle. Some days are better than others but the thing I remember every day is that changing myself changes others. Showing myself the love I want, need, and deserve shows others that it is ok and important to believe in their own strength and possibilities.

All we can do is keep breathing.

Mandy said...

Such a beautiful and amazing post. So, so true.

LoriT said...

WOW I dont know what to say but THANK YOU so very much for this blog! I'm @steelcitydiva and my name is Lori I have tears in my eyes from all the love has been shown to Shane and I. We have been together for 14yrs, married for 10 and he was hooked on pills for 3 years. People ask me how did you do it why did you put up with it for so long? I couldnt NOT help him. I knew it wasnt Shane it was the drugs that had a grip on his mind, and I just couldnt give up. So, 30 days may not seem like a long time but I always tell Shane that even 1 day sober is better than 3 days high. So, once again I cant thank you enough and cant wait to show this to him when he gets home from work! xoxo

EvaNadine said...

as the daughter of someone who went through rehab a few times for addiction to alcohol (and associated bipolar manic depression)i know how important it is to keep positively reinforcing the good days for addicts. it's easy when they relapse to be angry at them, but that, in turn, will just serve to fuel their reasons for using.
love, support, encouragement, and understanding. that's what they need.

my heart goes out to you @steelcitydiva (LoriT) for loving your man enough to make it through the dark times with him. for picking him up when hes down and standing by his side.
kudos to you, Shane, for fighting the battles you are fighting now. no one will ever really truly understand how hard it is for you, but know that your wife loves you with everything in her, and that there are strangers out there who are proud of you. keep going. you can do it.

Jenna Z said...

Wonderful post. I can't watch Intervention because it makes me heart hurt so much. It brings up terrible memories and I can't help by feel physically ill for those parents/siblings/loved ones/friends and how hard it for them.

One day at a time, Lori and Shane!

Shane said...

This is Shane and I want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for the outpouring of love and support. I had no idea that perfect strangers could care so much, it keeps my hopes and spirit up that I can say I will never go back to using again. I am crying as I type this (and you know us men we never cry haha) but thank you all for your kind words and support

Lorraine said...

Shane: congratulations. And thanks--your story has brought out a lot of big feelings in a lot of people from all over. Look at the support you have! The world isn't as bad as it's sometimes cracked up to be, eh?
From Canada,

Trisha Fogleman said...

Lori T has been a cyber friend of mine for years. She and Shane are good people, and it hurts that they have this struggle.

Shane, we've never talked but I'm so proud of you too!
I have had my party time as well and I thank God every day that I was able to walk away without losing my life or my sanity. My heart was broken though, more than once. I have friends that didn't make it. I know just how lucky I am.

Hang on buddy- your gorgeous wife and beautiful kids need you, happy strong & healthy. You can do this. We believe in you.

Bunny Queen said...

Way to go, Shane! And way to be supportive, Lori!

I would like to add to SAL's reasons why you and your sobriety matter to strangers. You give us hope for those in our own lives who have not yet started along the path to sobriety. While I was unable to deal with my (now) ex's gambling addiction and the enabling support of his entire family, I do still hope that he will find it within himself to see that he does have a problem and then find the strength to do as you are doing and deal with it one day at a time. May you have all of the support and strength you need to keep on the sober path.