17 March 2010

MISSION: D.C. Operative

Our nation's capital could definitely use some kindness, don't you think? So much frustration and stress and, well, you get the picture.

Thanks to new Affiliated Agent S, our nation's capital got a little bit happier yesterday. I mean, really: who doesn't like Mad Libs?

Date: Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Time: Before Lunch

Location: Washington, D.C., Federal Office Building, Women's Restroom

Affiliated Agent S states: For my very first mission, I thought I would start somewhere easy -- my own office building. Everyone could use a fun little break in their work day, so how about some Mad Libs?

(sweet card included with Mad Libs)

Affiliated Agent S continues: I hid the gift in my purse so none of my coworkers would see me sneaking it out, and I sneaked into the ladies room after breakfast, but before the lunch rush began.

I crept into one of the stalls and hung the bag on the purse hook -- thankfully there were no other people in there to hear me snapping photos!

There are tons of hard-working women in my building and I hope this little gift brightened their day! I have many more gifts ready to go and lots of ideas, so look out DC area!

Awesome job, Affiliated Agent S! AND in a government location no less! You're a perfect secret agent, that's for sure. Can't wait to see what you do next!


Anonymous said...

As a former DC resident I had suggestions for this Operative as far as places that need a bit of cheer, but as I started trying to list them I realized there are so many places that could use a little brightening! Anywhere really! I look forward to reading more of her DC adventures. Perhaps some of my friends will be lucky enough to find one of her gifts.

Windsor Grace said...

So, can I become an affiliated agent?

Secret Agent L said...

windsor grace:

absolutely! especially because you are wearing a most awesome hat in your photo.

just drop me an email and i'll hook you up with the specifics, including a pdf of my business card.

can't wait! woot!


secret agent l