09 March 2010

MISSION: On the Spot.

A while back, I got an email from Jennifer England from On the Spot, a brand new project created to address the scarcity of menstrual products for many young girls in low income communities in and around the Pittsburgh area. Many school employees were providing supplies for the girls out their own pocket when faced with the overwhelming need for such help. Jennifer asked that I spread the word about the project, which I am absolutely honored to do.

Ladies, can you imagine being a young girl, just getting used to getting your period, and being stuck at school without the proper supplies? The feeling of helplessness, embarrassment, and discomfort... My heart breaks for these young women.

Stop on over to Jen's website and take a look around at how you can help. Are you in the Pittsburgh area? Then maybe the next time you pick up some feminine products at the grocery store, you can pick up an extra box (preferably pads) and drop it off at one of On the Spot's several donation locations. Not from Pittsburgh? Then perhaps you could donate $5 or $10 to their cause.

You can also help simply by spreading the word, joining their Facebook fan page, or dropping them an email to find out about future events (one, of which, will be a back-to-school fundraiser in August/September).

Think of the young girls in your own life: little sisters, nieces, grand-daughters, daughters, cousins. Now think of those girls not having the basic necessities they need in order to deal with their monthly visitor. Will you please consider helping out with this very worthwhile cause? I know I'll be picking up some extra supplies when I stop at Target tonight.

Secret Agent L


Gina said...

I am totally doing this. Adolescence is hard enough as it is.

TMC said...

I like this idea. :)

Megan said...

What a great cause! I'm definitely sending some products. Thanks for sharing!

JenEngland said...

Yay! Thanks for all the positive feedback everyone! We'll be adding some more drop off spots soon, but could always use some more. We are especially interested in Gyms and spots that might be open in the evening or weekends. So please let us know if you have any bright ideas. Just email pghonthespot AT gmail DOT com