07 April 2010

MISSION: Bellefield Towers Intensive Outpatient Program

Today's mission holds a special place in Secret Agent L's heart. As a person who has volunteered to bring awareness to and erase the stigma associated with mental health issues, Secret Agent L applauds her newest Affiliated Agent for her extremely kind and thoughtful mission she completed today for the women of the Adult Intensive Outpatient Program run by the University of Pittsburgh's Behavioral Health Program.

Affiliated Agent Z, it's an honor to have you on the team.

Location: Bellefield Towers, Intensive Outpatient Program Meeting Room

Date: Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Time: 7:30 a.m.

Affiliated Agent states:

As you know, there are many people who receive treatment at Bellefield. Adults, teenagers, and the elderly. My specific target was the Adult IOP (Intensive Outpatient Program) Morning group.

I assembled small gift bags for each group member (about 12), plus two special gifts for the therapists.

Each gift bag contained:
- A notepad and pen
- fruit scented bubbles (because who doesn't like bubbles?)
- aromatherapy candle
- chocolate bar that says "thinking of you"
- some chocolate eggs
- a card with a special message
- the secret agent L business card

As you may see, the chocolate was in a ziploc bag until the very end. That's because it started to melt in the gift bags! When I noticed this, I quickly transported it to the freezer overnight before the mission. I never thought I would have to do that in the early days of April! Crazy Pittsburgh weather.

At any rate...

The cards read:

Dear lovely lady in Bellefield Towers, Hello! As a former member of morning group, I know how far away happiness may seem. Stick with it! EVERY woman matters, especially you! I hope this small gift brings a smile to your face.

-Affiliated Agent Z

I snuck in super early, around 7:30am. I know that the groups don't start until at least 9am. I placed a gift bag and card on each chair, and then left a note on the white board.

(a thoughtful gesture for a patient who Affiliated Agent Z knows can't have sugar: a box of sugar-free treats)

Mission Accomplished. Not the grandest or most creative of missions of course, but if even one of those women has a better day for even one moment, then I have accomplished my task. Bazinga! (Best. Word. Ever.)

There's no doubt, Affiliated Agent M, that you touched the heart of more than one woman in that room this morning. Bless you, sweet soul. Bless you.

And well done!


Mary Has Sound said...

so awesome!! well done. :)

Jamie said...

I DO think it's quite grand! I love it! Great mission!

Jamie said...

P.S. I'm adding "Bazinga" to my vocabulary right now. =)

sevprez said...

that's very sweet. i am sure it was extra awesome that they all got to share the moment together. group bonding!

VT said...

Thank you for the privilege of reading this post. When I start to feel like there's no hope for the world, I read your blog. I'm on the other side of the country, but your (or your affiliates') latest mission always revives my spirit. Your acts of kindness send ripples you may never see, but when the tree falls in the forest, it really does make a sound. Though you might not be there to hear it, someone else is. :-)