02 April 2010

MISSION: OBAD (Operation Be A Donut), Part 2

If you've been following Secret Agent L for a while now, you know that she loves donuts. Dunkin Donuts in particular. In fact, she wrote about it a little bit here, in her MISSION: OBAD (Operation Be A Donut), Part 1. Go ahead and read. We'll wait.

Done? Yay!

Well, has Secret Agent L got a surprise for you!

A few weeks ago, she teamed up with the fabulous ladies over at BitchBurgh and, well, her life was changed forever. Secret Agent L dreams of donuts, loves eating them, and just plain adores Dunkin Donuts. But, to become a donut? The awesomeness of that prospect was almost too much for her to handle. Thanks to BitchBurgh and the amazing folks at Dunkin Donuts, though, the dream was fulfilled.

The day included an interview with the one-and-only Secret Agent L and her lovely assistant, Number Two, as well as random acts of kindness on the streets of Pittsburgh. Yes, while dressed as a giant donut.


You can read more about the adventure here. And don't forget to stop by one of these Pittsburgh Dunkin Donuts locations starting tomorrow, April 3, to pick up Limited Edition Secret Agent L donuts!!!

  • Homestead (Beechwood Blvd, right before the Homestead Highlevel Bridge)
UPDATE: We just learned that the Secret Agent L donut will not be released until MONDAY, April 5, 2010. Our apologies for any inconvenience!!


EvaNadine said...

...and then donut and latte skipped off into the sunset.
what a fun day!

***Jeannie said...

Awww, great job everybody. SecretAgentL I totally understand why you want to give up your anonimity. I am excited for you, your life after your reveal. You started something great and now you have a legacy to pass on.

Random acts of kindness, especially the very little acts of kindness, can do big things for those you give it to. And I am sure you know this =)

Thank you for what you do, for showing us how simple, fun and fulfilling it can be.

The girls send you their gratitude everyday.

***Jeannie said...

Yes i love the skipping part, and the hugs of the children =)

Julie_Gong said...

well i got one in the market square one. unless it was a fake one that said it was "secret agent l"

i tweeted you a picture.

Anonymous said...

chocolate cake ring donut, chocolate frosting, and purple yellow and white sprinkles...its a really good donut