09 April 2010

MISSION: Easter Treats

Some of Secret Agent L's happiest memories come from celebrating Easter as a child. Her father, who is just as much of a goof as she is, used to cut out giant bunny foot prints from construction paper and leave the prints all over the house--hundreds of them--to convince her and her older brother that the Easter Bunny had, in fact, visited. Her parents used to put one tiny Easter basket on Secret Agent L's nightstand and another larger one on the kitchen table--both lovely treats to wake up to on a bright Easter morning.

While Secret Agent L couldn't leave her "paw prints" all over Pittsburgh, she decided instead to leave a couple little baskets for some city dwellers to stumble upon.

Date: Sunday, 4 April 2010

Location: Oakland and Shadyside neighborhoods, Pittsburgh

Time: 9:32 a.m. and 11:37 a.m. respectively

Easter Sunday was an absolutely gorgeous day here in Pittsburgh. The sun was shining, the air was warm (but not hot), and there was a light breeze. It was the perfect day to celebrate such a holy occasion.

Secret Agent L got up early and went to Mass, but beforehand, she made sure to drop a little bit of kindness near her church. On the corner of Fifth and Bellefield Avenues, there's a bus stop shelter, complete with little bench. What a perfect location to leave a little Easter treat!

Luckily, Secret Agent L didn't encounter any passersby as she walked up to and stopped at the little pavilion.

But! Her luck didn't last long, as cars began pulling up at the stoplight located right next to the pavillion. Rather than scramble, she simply continued to place her gift of kindness on the bench and take a picture of it. For all those people knew, Secret Agent L could've been "waiting for a bus" that would take her to see "her little niece or nephew" to whom she would give the delightful basket of candy she was photographing.

Yes, Secret Agent L is very imaginative.

Because of the people at the stop light, though, Secret Agent L couldn't get a photograph of the basket sitting on the bench in the pavilion. Instead, she simply stayed there until the traffic left and then walked down the street to her church for Mass.

When she got out of Mass, though, she walked by the pavilion to see if anyone had taken her gift. To her delight, someone had! So she went to her car and snapped a final photo of the bus stop shelter before driving home to continue the celebrations of the day.

And who doesn't like jellybeans at Easter?

Secret Agent L's next mission that day had to be a quick one. She made a stop at her local grocery store, the Giant Eagle Market District in Shadyside (a lovely, lovely store, by the way) to pick up a few treats (yes, one of which was a donut), and she thought it'd be a perfect opportunity to leave her other little basket.

She pulled into the parking garage and made sure to be close to a cart return. She glanced around and saw very few people, so she quickly put the gift in the seat of the cart.

She was only able to snap two quick photos, however, because a car came into the garage right next to her very quickly, so she had to stop or she would have been discovered.

All in all, a very lovely Easter, filled with gifts of all kinds.

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Operation Smiley Face said...

Nice work SAL. Those containers alone are a nice gift, and filled with goodies what a treat! :)