11 April 2010

MISSION: Coffee for me, Treats for you

Number 2 loves her coffee. She cannot get through the morning without it. She also can't get through most afternoons without it. One afternoon last week, while doing errands and shopping in Shadyside, Number 2 stopped in at Coffee Tree Roasters for some wifi, reading, writing, coffee, and most importantly, mission dropping. 

DATE: Friday, April 9, 2010

TIME: 1pm

LOCATION: Walnut Street, Shadyside, Pittsburgh

Number 2 had a big week and wanted to make this a big mission to celebrate. Loaded down with kindness cards, heart-shaped notes with handwritten messages, and tons of other gifts for child and adult alike, Number 2 hit Walnut Street.  

Some of the goodies were left along the walk from car to store - left on windshields, hung on trees, and strategically placed where recipient could enjoy them.

Her first stop inside the coffee shop, the ladies' restroom.  This lovely bodywash was left behind with a kind message for the finder. Who doesn't love to relax!

This coffee shop always seems to have a great number of children, so it was important to leave something any young one would love. A small puzzle, some crayons, and a toy horse were placed in the shop, at various locations. This shop is big! 

Unfortunately, because there is always such a crowd, final pictures of the items left behind were not taken (except the body wash). Namely because Number 2 is very shy but also because there were half a dozen little gifts left in this one location alone. Now is not the time to blow our cover!

Hmmm, looks like Shadyside gets a lot of SAL attention. Wonder if you might find SAL or an affiliated agent wandering about sometime again soon?!?

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