07 October 2010

Mini MISSION: Love at LuLu's Noodles

Here in Pittsburgh there's a really popular Chinese restaurant called LuLu's Noodles.  If you're from Pittsburgh, you know about this place.  It's right in the heart of Oakland, near the University of Pittsburgh's campus.  

I received the following email today from a fellow Pittsburgher, and it made my heart smile:

Today, I went to Lulu's Noodles in Oakland to pick up my lunch order.  There was a man sitting on the stoop just outside of the restaurant,asking people for spare change so that he could buy something to eat. I said, "Sorry." He said, "Maybe on your way back out?"

Upon entering the restaurant, I went to the register and asked if I could add something to my order. I picked something from the menu for him and paid. While waiting for the order to be ready, a woman behind the counter asked me, "Are you buying food for that guy out there?" I said, "Yes." She said, "Oh. Just so you know, there are about ten people buying food for him right now."

I was stunned! So many kind people at Lulu's today!  :)

A lot of people are hesitant to help people on the street.  We often think they just want money for drugs or alcohol.  But the truth is, we don't always know what they need, nor can we assume we do.  I am so proud of my fellow Pittsburghers who decided to take this man's request seriously and extend kindness to him by purchasing him some food.

When we start seeing people as unique, un-repeatable individuals, it's amazing the opportunities for kindness and love that will surface.


Anonymous said...

I have also bought lunch for that guy :)

Anonymous said...

That's so nice :) The other day I bought some food for the men who sit outside of the Market District Giant Eagle in Shadyside. I bet there are lots of 'Burghers who help the 2 or 3 men that are sitting there through-out the day. I just wish the Market District sold pre-made subs so I don't always have to buy fresh fruit and Slim Jims.

Anonymous said...

I passed him the other day and almost turned around to, instead of give him money, buy him lunch. He must love Lulu's and the kindness of folks who give him a meal.

Pat said...

maybe, someday. He'll be invited in for lunch.