11 October 2010

MISSION: Dino-mite Kindness!

Dinosaurs.  They're pretty awesome.  We've got loads of dinosaurs all over the place here in Pittsburgh.  There's Dippy (she's adorable), and Creation Rex (personal friend of mine), a T-Rex dressed up as Mr. Rogers, and a host of others scattered here and there in statuesque form all over our beautiful 'Burgh.

Needless to say, when Affiliated Agent M from Portland, Maine, sent me his mission, I knew I had to post it pronto.


Date: Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Location: office; Portland, Maine

Time: not specified (but assuming during work hours)

Affiliated Agent M tells us of his first dinosaur-ific mission:

Well, it took me a while to do this. But, once I finally took the initiative – what a blast!

This task has been shuffled around my calendar on a daily basis. But finally, my inspiration came when I happened to be in an art supply store. As I was checking out, on the counter were these tiny rubber figurines, everything from gorillas, to dragons, to babies. Spinning the display, I saw one of my childhood favorites – a Tyrannosaurus Rex! The figurines are barely an inch tall, so this little guy had the perfect mix of snarling ferocity mixed with a bright, happy green color. I bought five.

My plan was simple. I would bring them to work and covertly prop them on random people’s desks to add a dose of mysterious fun in their day. Throughout Monday and Tuesday I placed the figures on keyboards, monitors, and desks, along with a Secret Agent card and message. As part of my profession write a fair amount, so I misspelled part of the message to avoid being busted by my peers.

The results are coming back as I write. The whole office is abuzz with trying to figure out who left these rogue dinosaurs on people’s desks! People are laughing and the theories are flying around.

This was a lot of fun. I forget how good something like this can make me feel. I’m looking forward to doing more!

Okay, seriously--this is one of my most favorite missions EVER. Clever, fun, and kind.  A trifecta of awesomeness!  

Creation Rex of Pittsburgh says:

"RAWR!" (which, in dino-speak, translates to "AWESOME!")
(photo from here)


Anonymous said...

I really love this mission. I hope it's okay to copy cat this one because I really want to do this at my place of employment as well :) GREAT JOB!!

Molly said...

What a great idea! A little fun and mystery for the office. I loved reading about this mission.