02 October 2010

MISSION: Creativity and Kindness

As a professional actress, I have a real soft-spot for my fellow creative types.  I've been thinking lately about how I could maybe use that talent in one of my missions, but I haven't come up with a way yet.

So when Affiliated Agent J of New Jersey contacted me about using one of his very, very unique talents in a mission, I immediately said, "YES!"

Ladies and Gentlemen, enjoy the show.

Date: Thursday, 30 September 2010

Location: Wegman's Shopping Plaza; Manalapan, New Jersey

Time: 7:51 p.m.

Let's hear about Affiliated Agent J's first mission!

The second I found the Secret Agent L site I decided I wanted to be involved in a unique way. Because I am a puppeteer, I decided I would make a short, optimistic puppet video, burn it to a DVD, and leave it somewhere someone would find it.

I decided to leave it on the windshield of a car in a supermarket parking lot. I placed the DVD in plain sight on the windshield, took a couple pictures, and went inside the supermarket to buy a few things. I kept looking at the other people in the store wondering who would find my DVD on their windshield when they got to the parking lot.

When I came back out, the car was gone, and I was glad to see the DVD was too! (I was afraid the DVD would fall off the windshield or that the driver would intentionally leave it behind thinking it was spam.)

My first mission was a success and I can't wait to do another! Thank you Secret Agent L for such a fun experience!

Affiliated Agent J, thank you for using your unique and wonderful talent in order to spread kindness. I cannot, cannot wait to see what you come up with next!  THANK YOU!


cabooklover said...

That was a super cool thing to do! Very creative. :)

l8ychef said...

wow! how creative! luv it-mean it! :)

Anonymous said...

oh, how friggin cute!
i love it!