01 October 2010

MISSION: PodCamp Pittsburgh w/Secret Agent L

About two weeks ago, I gave a presentation on social media and the kindness movement at PodCamp Pittsburgh.  It was my first PodCamp, and let me tell you: It.  Was.  Incredible.  I met the most wonderful people, I learned about social media even more, and I had the wonderful opportunity to tell my story to the public (thanks @Jenana37!!!).

Here's my presentation for your viewing pleasure.  It's about 45 minutes long, so get comfy.  Also, please note: I had a gorgeous PowerPoint presentation to go along with my talk, and it was all on my own computer, which I brought to the session.  Unfortunately, due to some technical glitches, we weren't able to hook my computer up to the main system, so I had to use a different computer (a Mac) to show my presentation.  My formatting got all wonky, which made the presentation look pretty bad, but I think it actually was a blessing in disguise because it made for some pretty hilarious moments during my talk.  BIG thanks to my friends Norm, Anthony, and Mike for coming to rescue this damsel in technological distress.  Smooches, guys.



Agent M said...

Cool... I have one more friend who is an English graduate. My wife has her MFA in poetry and one of our mutual friends (more hers than mine) is finishing her PhD in English at Perdue.

And they all like airplanes. Thanks for a wonderful presentation and, of course, I look forward to completing my next mission, boss-lady. :)

Agent GM

l8ychef said...

i watched the pod cast grinning from ear to ear-like you are one of my best friends sharing a secret. i'm blessed beyend belief being a part of this-all thanks to a little yahoo mention. thanks!