09 November 2010

MISSION: Cold Weather Caring

I hate being cold.  I mean, I really, really hate it.  And I'm always cold.  When it's 70 degrees out, I'm like, "Where's my parka?"  No joke.  I also have my space heater in my living room turned up to 94 degrees most winter days. 

Yes.  94 degrees.

But I love Pittsburgh with all my heart, so I "take one for the team" and freeze my little bum off many months out of the year in order to stay here.  So when a fellow Pittsburgher and Affiliated Agent decided to do a mission of warmth yesterday, I knew I had to post it immediately.  It warmed me up just reading about it!

Date: Monday, 8 November 2010

Location: local shopping plaza parking lot; Kittanning, PA

Time: 7:00 p.m.

Even though she was sick, Affiliated Agent T totally came through!  Now THAT'S kindness!

It is hard to believe it is November already, and it is time for winter coats and gloves.  As I put my winter coat on the other day, I thought of all the times I was caught on a cold day, without any gloves, and my poor hands froze.  Suddenly, I was inspired to create a wintery mission!

I bought some gloves and earwarmers, two earwarmer glove sets, and then 2 matching pairs of gloves.  I decided to make cards to go with the sets that had a wintery message.  Each card was different, and contained a lovely snow related quote along with my personal message of kindness.  I attached a card and Secret Agent L business card to each set.

Then, I went to a local shopping plaza, and located 3 cars to put the gifts on.  Even though it was dark, I almost got caught by a shopper, so I took the pictures as quickly as possible, and left.

I hope that these people will be able to warm their hands, and that the kindness warmed their hearts!

I had been sick all day, and decided that doing something kind might make me feel better.  It totally did!

Love, Affiliate Agent T


Affiliated Agent B said...

that is too cool!

Anonymous said...

Yes it is