01 November 2010

MISSION: Kindness (is) for the Dogs

Do you know how much I love dogs?

You don't?

Let me show you.

I love dogs more than:
1. shoes
2. handbags
3. chocolate
4. money
5. sleeping in (although, that's almost a tie)
6. beauty products
7. shoes
8. shoes
9. shoes
10. chocolate

When I see a dog in my neighborhood, I automatically squeal and do what I refer to as The Piddle Dance.  (You know, the I-look-like-I-have-to-pee-I'm-so-excited dance.)   Yes, I love dogs that much.

Affiliated Agent J of Erie, PA, completed a mission involving a treat for a dog, and, well, I was sold.  We need to extend kindness to all living creatures, not just humans!

Date: Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Location: parking lot; local hospital; Erie, PA

Time: 11 p.m.

Affiliated Agent J sounds like she may have done The Piddle Dance during her mission!  Wonderful!


I just got back from my first mission!  You wouldn't believe how much fun it was!  I decided that I wanted my first mission to involve animals somehow, so I thought what better way than to give someone with a dog a dog toy!  I know how happy I am when my furkids are happy, so this is a day-brightening-two-fer!  BONUS!

Tonight (8/18/10) at 11PM, after driving around for about an hour, I finally found my target.  I had decided that I would drop my little gift of a squeaky, jingly, rubbery, awesomey doggie chew toy and cute card (wrapped up all pretty-like) on the first car I saw with a doggie bumper sticker on the back. 

After not finding an appropriate drop spot for a while, I decided to pull into the parking lot at a local hospital. And wouldn't you know it, I found my target!  And I think it's a doctor too, based on the parking spot. 

I can't think of a more deserving candidate!   They work so hard and their families (and pets) have to sacrifice so much time for them to do all the work they do.  Plus, this particular hospital is a teaching hospital so there's a very good chance that this was a medical student and gracious knows how busy they are!

I have had a really stressful week at work but this mission really helped me to get my head back in the right spot.  You're really right when you say how healing helping can be!  I can't wait for my next mission and oh, the ideas I have.  :D

Affiliated Agent J, YOU ARE AWESOME.  Thank you for your kindness and for extending it not only to your fellow humans, but to their lovely, furry family members, too!


Anonymous said...

I too love doggies more than most things on earth...combined!!! In fact, I just returned from vacation, and I didn't care about having to return to reality - I just wanted to hug my pup!!!!

LOVE this idea!!!!
Soon to be SA J (San Diego)

Kristina @ spabettie said...

I love that Agent J did one of a PUP !! that is so awesome. <3

Pet Lover said...

Commendable Job, appreciate you love for the Dogs.