08 November 2010

MISSION: Treats in Texas

I've never been to Texas, but they say everything's bigger there.  And I hope that includes the amount of kindness everyone bestows!  I feel confident that's true, because Affiliated Agent B  of West, Texas, did a double mission of kindness.  That's bigger, for sure!

Date: Monday, 27 September 2010

Location: 1.) laundromat; West, Texas; 2.) Whitehall Park; Waco, Texas

Time: 1.) 6:30 a.m. 2.) 7 a.m.

Let's hear our Texan Affiliated Agent's report!

Had my very first missions today! For some reason it was hard to choose my gifts, but I finally put them together yesterday and wrote the cards.

Mission #1: At the little laundromat I’ve used over the years I left a package containing quarters for a drink from the vending machine, a word puzzle book and a bright pink mechanical pencil. I tried to leave it all day Sunday, but the place was way too busy so I got up early this morning and got there just after the owners unlocked it and left so I was able to take my photo!

There happens to be a webcam pointed down that street and I saw quite a few cars pull in this morning so I’m pretty sure it’s been found by now. Yea!

Mission #2: A quiet little park where people like to exercise, walk their dogs and bring the kids. I also see a lot of people sitting by themselves eating lunch so I knew where I wanted to leave it. On a bench by the gate where it wouldn’t be noticed when you came in, but you would see it as you walked over to throw your trash away.

I wrapped a little notebook, pencil, quarters and a yoyo!

Got there about 7am, but there were dog walkers out so I had to stall and pretend to read a book until I got a few minutes where no one was around that area to set it up and snap the photo. I couldn’t stand the suspense so I drove back at lunch and it was gone! I checked the trash can for ribbons or wrappings but they took everything, which is really cool.

I missed the notice about the Quote mission, but now I’m hooked in on Twitter and Facebook so I won’t be AWOL next time. My job can be quite stressful and this is a wonderful way to relax, thanks Laura!

I used my letterbox stamp (smiling bunny) and signed Agent B…lol

Thanks for all the kindness you do and inspire!

Thank YOU, Affiliated Agent B.  YOUR kindness is inspirational!

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