15 November 2010

MISSION: Sweet Satisfaction for Students

I often think about students.  Since I work at a university, and I'm a former graduate student, my world is mostly made up of students, academics, studying, and, of course, stress.  I love Affiliated Agents M and S of Virginia for thinking of their fellow students and how kindness might brighten their day and help east their stress.

Date: Friday, 12 November 2010

Location: James Branch Cabell Library; Virginia Commonwealth University

Time: 5:00 p.m.

Let's hear about their first mission!

Hi there,

We were finally able to find time to go out on a mission. We were so excited! Since we love Halloween around here, we wanted to extend the holiday a little bit. We decided to make up a sweet treat and leave it in the library of the nearby university. Our hope is that some overtired student might find it during a long night of studying!

We put the package together in the office - lots of candy and a note assuring the recipient that this package is for him/her :).

And then we marched over to the library to find the perfect spot to leave the gift. It was hard to find a place! The library was so busy and packed with students. But we found the perfect spot on the third floor on one of the bookshelves.

We had so much fun putting this little mission together and actually doing it. We can't wait to do it again!

Affiliated Agents M and S, you rock!  Thanks for thinking of the hard-working students in your community.  And, I couldn't help but notice, thanks for using Pittsburgh Steelers colors in your package!  :)

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Jess said...

What a fantastic idea. I too work at a University and I work with grad students and they are always so stressed. I think after the HOlidays and before finals I might do something special for them....all 110 of them! :)