23 October 2009

MISSION: 21 not-so-secret-details

Okay, okay. Secret Agent L has been a Very Bad Secret Agent. Life has gotten so busy! So, until she and her cohorts can get their heads back in the game, here's a little ditty to keep you interested.


The Not-So-Secret Details of Secret Agent L!

Secret Agent L:

1. Has a favorite color. It's green.

2. Loves to see people shake hands, hug, or kiss. It just makes her think that kindness and connection are possible.

3. Could eat her weight in Dunkin Donuts' donuts. Like, in one sitting.

4. Enjoys having a cup of tea. Or several. Um, all the time.

5. Can't stomach caffeine.

6. Is obsessed with Netflix. Particularly because she can rent period films. Those are her favorites.

7. Holds an M.A. in English Literature with an emphasis on 18th-Century British Theatre.

8. Has lived in London.

9. Is a professional model and actress in Pittsburgh.

10. Is nearly 6' tall.

11. Is a big supporter of mental illness awareness and is involved with her local NAMI branch.

12. Prefers a martini bar to a loud club.

13. Plays the piano, cello, and flute.

14. Once dreamed of going to Juilliard for piano performance but chickened out.

15. Really, really, really loves donuts from Dunkin Donuts. Like, RULLY.

16. Loves the shows Chuck, Samantha Who?, Friends, and anything on HGTV.

17. Wears heels whenever she can.

18. Has an older brother.

19. Loves Boston Terriers. Like, more than shoes, handbags, and clothes.

20. Is a vegetarian.

21. Loves you. Yes, you. :)


Jamie said...

Awesome! I love that you're nearly 6 feet tall and wear heels. You rock! =)

Operation Smiley Face said...

Thanks for sharing some facts about yourself. That was cool. :)

Mary Has Sound said...

Love that you are involved with NAMI. I work at a psychiatric rehab outpatient center and we're really involved with NAMI too. :)

Dawn&Brian said...

You are amazing!!

bill said...

Love the ending. Makes the whole thing kind of a really sly mission!

Krista said...

Boston Terriers Rule!! I've had my fellow for 5yrs now. They have such personality. Do you own one??