04 October 2009

MISSION: Casino or Gambling on Love

Date: September 28, 2009

Time: Noon

Location: Riverside Casino, Laughlin, Nevada

Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L went gambling and stumbled on a little love. 

Yes, she went gambling. She figures that in this economy, people are out there willing to take a gamble now and then. And why not? Isn't life a 50/50 chance anyway? 

So, after doubling her money on the craps tables, she decided to leave a few chips for some lucky slot player. Those one armed bandits are in abundance in Laughlin, Nevada. She has to admit, watching a few older couples bond during the slot play tournaments was quite endearing. It reminded her that everyone has their perfect somebody. So, after bowling a few rounds in the casino alley, Disciple-Elf of Secret Agent L and a few friends left the chips on the table at alley #34 and watched as an elderly couple found her little treat. She watched as the sweet grandpapa gave his little wife a kiss and off they went to try their luck, holding hands. Ahhhhh. Love and gambling at its finest. Secret Agent L is everywhere, my friends. Leave no venue unturned. 


Operation Smiley Face said...

Awww that's so nice! I hope they won at the machines but even if they didn't I'm sure you brightened their days with the chips. Nice going! :)

Lauren said...

Ha! That's awesome! Great mission. :D

Just wanted you to know I nominated you for some awards over at my blog! :)

I Play Outside The Box said...

What a smile this brings my face!

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