02 October 2009

MISSION: If you're in Pittsburgh on Oct. 10...

...go to Allegheny General Hospital's Expressions of Hope, an event that includes national and local artists exhibiting work that reflects their struggles with cancer.

The event also includes a tour of the Breast Care Center, with a physician available to answer questions, vouchers available to low-income people who qualify for free mammograms, and the opportunity to schedule a mammogram with easy, 30 minute in/out timing. And there will be other medical professionals on hand to help with a wide variety of issues, from nutritional recommendations to a review of medications.

Secret Agent L and her Number Two (her Affiliated Agent Sidekick, "V") may just be there, leaving little surprises for those who attend.

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Tabitha@Afiveoh4uplifting said...

I wish I could attend. Can you please email me when you get a chance? Afiveoh4uplifting(at)gmail.com