15 October 2009

MISSION: Balloon Mini Mission

Pittsburgh isn't known for beautiful weather. In fact, we only get about 65 sunny days a year. But the friendliness of Pittsburghers makes up for the lack of sunshine, believe me.

With today being a typically rainy, autumn day, Secret Agent L, Number Two, and Affiliated Agent D figured it was the perfect day to brighten up a part of the city.

And what better way than with bright, cheerful balloons?

Date: Thursday, October 15 2009

Time: 11:23 a.m.

Location: Construction site for the new Consol Energy Sports Arena, Fifth Avenue, Downtown Pittsburgh

Secret Agent L must admit, she and her cohorts weren't exactly incognito, as they prepared their happy balloons in a rather--*ahem*-- public place where all sorts of people could see them. But they had no choice! It was raining, and it was one of the only places to take shelter!

Much to their delight, Secret Agent L, Number Two, and Affiliated Agent D saw that someone had taken a bunch of old construction materials and made beautiful artwork on the fence next to the construction site. Yes, construction workers deserve something pretty to look at while they work hard all day!

Number Two was very adventerous in her balloon-ties. The bright pink balloon on this water main right at the corner of Fifth Avenue and Chatham Place is sure to brighten someone's rainy day as the trudge through those puddles!

And I'm sure that the person who parked here will smile when returning to his or her blue Jeep.

We hope that everyone walking down Fifth Avenue will find a bit of sunshine on this cold, wet Pittsburgh day. The agents sure did! (Although Secret Agent L is almost certain she's caught the Black Death as result of being out in that cold rain. Achoo!)


Tabitha@ichoosebliss said...

Such a beautiful gift to your city!!

Dawn&Brian said...

I live in Oregon, so I totally understand cold and wet :) Balloons are soooo happy :)