08 October 2009

MISSION: Kindness surrounding the G20.

DATE: September 24 and 25

TIME: all day

LOCATION: Pittsburgh neighborhoods Lawrenceville, Oakland, Shadyside, Squirrel Hill, and Downtown. During the G20 summit. 

It is agreed that not many people knew what to expect during the G20 summit in Pittsburgh, at least out on the streets.  But Secret Agent L and Affiliate Agent V knew what was needed.  With the threat of violence and potential damage to our beloved city, it was necessary to infiltrate the masses and spread kindness, reminding everyone involved that peaceful protest leads to change and that change for the better is always good. And now that we've had time to digest that weekend, here is the report. 

With pockets full of supplies, Affiliate Agent V left no stone unturned.  

Notepads were left along Butler Street for passersby to jot down their thoughts during all aspects of the summit days. 

Stickers were placed on virtually any location to which they would adhere.  And perfectly placed for any onlooker to see during demonstrations.  These were left on fence posts, throughout  parks, and on benches. 

Small leaflets were dropped, placed on vehicle windshields, and slipped into the hands of those who walked along routes and gathered to see the goings on. 

**This final image is of fantastic signs that were found already along the protesting route.  Affiliated Agent V cannot take credit for these, although she wishes she could.**

While many people heard of the negativity that spawned during riot police and protestor/onlooker altercations, Affiliate Agent V would like to state that most, if not everyone she came in contact with on all sides, presented themselves in an upright manner with a love for the city, the country, and each other. Democracy was at work and she'd personally like to thank everyone who helped keep the city clean and safe. 

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