09 October 2009

MISSION: Breast Cancer Awareness Bag O' Goodies

I'll tell you what: my agents are outstanding! Affiliated Agent A of Pittsburgh (whoop! whoop!) went above and beyond yesterday! Thank you Affiliated Agent A!

Date: Thursday, 8 October 2009

Location: Ground Floor Ladies Restroom, Cathedral of Learning, Univ. of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA

Time: 5:35 p.m.

Affiliated Agent A states: "Yesterday, I had been planning on making two missions, both including pink gift bags with soft slippers, lotion, and a pedicure set. However, a good friend of mine was having a rough day, so one of the gift bags went right to her. I was glad to have cheered up her day!

"The second mission went off without a hitch, though it was a little strange! I took the second bag of goodies to the Ground Floor Ladies Restroom at the Cathedral of Learning.

"I hung the bag on the purse hook when someone stepped into the stall next to me! That rarely happens in such large restrooms and I didn't really have to actually use the restroom, but I thought the person would think it strange if I was just snapping pictures in a stall :) I know that I would! So, I had to wait a few awkward moments and then I was able to take a picture...only to find I had left my flash on! Now there would be women in the restroom that thought I was taking weird pictures. Sigh.

"But, in the end, I was successfully, though awkwardly for me, able to deliver the gift bag and all the goodies...along with the note I wrote:

This is for you!! YES, YOU!
October is
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
and I hope that I remind you
to regularly feel your ta-ta’s!!

While you may be
young or old,
gray or bold,
you and your ta-ta’s
deserve regular monitoring!!

Also, take these
relaxation goodies.
And spend some time
pampering yourself!"


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Great job agent A! The "weird pictures" part made me giggle. :)